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Loss of Intellectual Property is one of the biggest threats to business, says Becrypt


Loss of Intellectual Property is one of the biggest threats to business, says Becrypt

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Businesses are leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary levels of risk because of a failure to protect their valuable data

London, UK, February 05, 2016 - British cyber security specialist, Becrypt, has published an advisory whitepaper for commercial leaders who have the responsibility for managing risk within the organisation and want to take a closer look at how the business is protecting its valuable data assets. The whitepaper from Becrypt explores some of the common mistakes that are leaving businesses unnecessarily exposed and suggests a set of best practice recommendations that all businesses should be following to protect themselves from the risk of Intellectual Property (IP) theft.

For many businesses, intrinsic value is derived from the unique IP, customer data, proprietary methodologies and other confidential information that's stored digitally within their organisation. However despite the huge amounts of money spent on cyber security, significant numbers of businesses are suffering potentially critical losses because of their failure to adequately protect their data, for example, data retrieved from a misplaced laptop or a disgruntled employee copying trade secrets on to a portable device.

Cath Hackett, VP of Product Portfolio at Becrypt, commented: "Cyber risk is fast emerging as one of the most significant risks to most businesses. The proliferation of mobile devices means that organisations can no longer point to their data centre as the repository of all their data. Data is everywhere and therefore harder to control. Should your company confidential information be disclosed to your competitors the impact could be significant and include lost sales, lost customers and lower profit margins."

While the causes of data breaches are varied, the majority are a result of either malicious attack or human error. Recent research into the root causes of data breaches found that 47% involved a malicious or criminal attack, and 25% involved a negligent employee or contractor . Additionally, a UK government report highlighted IP theft as the most damaging cyber crime for UK businesses, resulting in a loss of £9.2bn a year .

Hackett continued: "Implementing effective risk management strategy starts with understanding the risk and how to manage it. Protecting valuable and sensitive information stored on laptops and mobile devices is critical, and depends on having the right combination of robust technology, effective management control, good policies and well-informed employees. Organisations can minimise the challenges by partnering with a knowledgeable security provider who has the acute understanding of how to exploit the benefits of mobile working whilst balancing the risks of enabling a truly mobile workforce."

Find out more in the Becrypt whitepaper: Protecting your business from IP theft



About Becrypt: Becrypt is a leading supplier of innovative mobile security solutions and services that are Government-certified, suitable for numerous industry sectors. Becrypt provides a range of cyber security solutions to protect data at rest and data in use across a broad range of platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, running Windows, iOS and Android. Becrypt's secure thin client technology supports virtual data infrastructure (VDI) access, enabling secure and rapid IT transformation within the enterprise, as well as cost effective secure remote access.

Through its focus on product assurance, multiple platforms and centralised management, Becrypt's solutions enable the most security conscious organisations to deliver cost effective compliance, whilst maintaining flexibility, choice and usability for their users.

As a leading supplier of encryption technology to the UK Government, Ministry of Defence and UK Police, Becrypt also offers cyber security consultancy and bespoke systems.

Becrypt has offices in London, UK, and McLean, VA, USA. For more information visit:

Editors Contacts: Dr. Bernard Parsons CEO, Becrypt Tel: 0845 838 2050 Email:

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Loss of Intellectual Property is one of the biggest threats to business, says Becrypt Businesses are leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary levels of risk because of a failure to protect their valuable data