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Frank Dottore on Jul. 15 2013 edit · delete
Lorraine of UPS Store 1117 is handling an insurance claim for goods packed by and shipped from her Store. She has not replied to e-mails. I'm afraid I have to report that I have had a very bad experience with store # 1117. They packed 2 very valuable loud speakers ($16,000 per pair new, $6,850 for this used pair) for shipment to me which were damaged in transit. They were packed by Store 1117 and were packed quite well, that wasn't the problem. They were mishandled in transit. The bad experience started with the insurance claims process (tracking numbers 1Z01AA584243834550 and 1Z01AA584210500758). UPS dictates that the customer (me) can ONLY deal with the UPS Store that shipped the package. Unfortunately, Lorraine of Store 1117 did not see her role as being my advocate. On multiple occasions there were long lapses of time when nothing was happening on my case. I requested that Lorraine call the UPS Claims Dept on those occasions. Lorraine informed me repeatedly; she was only willing to act as a conduit and not willing to call to find out what was going on. When I gave her something, she would pass it along to the Claim's dept. When the claims dept gave her something, she would pass it on to me. But that was it. I tried every manner of prompting her, but she was only willing to act as a conduit, nothing more, and nothing less and eventually she stopped answering my e-mails. Finally, I called the UPS Capital Claims Dept directly. They informed me that they couldn't tell me anything, only Lorraine could tell me what was going on. I spoke with Rusmey, and made a big enough stink that they called Lorraine and asked for her permission to communicate directly with me. She gave them permission. It was then that they informed me my claim had been voided. They were kind enough to re-open the claim and told me they had additional information but they could only give it to Lorraine. They asked me to have Lorraine call them and gave me the correct phone number for her to call. I began to feel like I was close to resolution. I e-mailed Lorraine and told her that we might finally be close to resolution. All she had to do was call the claims department. I never heard back from her. I e-mailed her again. No response. I called UPS Stores Corporate office for assistance and they told me they would try and help, but nothing. Even they could not prompt Lorraine into calling for me. I then received a check for half the value of my claim. I e-mailed Lorraine and informed her that half the value was unacceptable and advised her to stop payment on the check. In addition, UPS showed up at my door one day to pick up the damaged goods. I was quite surprised. No one informed me they were coming, never-the-less, I showed the driver the goods and he refused to take them because they were not packed. I called UPS Capital Claims Dept and informed them that the goods were originally professionally packed and were damaged during transit, I did not have the expertise to pack them, nor would I accept responsibility for packing them. As a side note, my claim was for the fair market value of the goods plus shipping. Even though the goods were packed professionally by Lorraine, I did not ask for reimbursement for packing chgarges because I did not pay for packing (the seller of the merchandise paid to have them packed). I finally got the Better Business Bureau involved. They were effective at getting Lorraine to get the information I required. Lorrainne also provided instructions to allow the UPS driver to pick up the goods. I followed them exactly and yet, the driver refused to take them. Do not deal with Lorainne if you can avoid it. She was not helpful and doesn't seem to care about the customer. I will now be taking my claim to small claims court.

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