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LDG photography

LDG photography

LDG-photography -  LDG is an amateur, on-location, natural light Photographer in Miami and Naples, FL. Her complete passion in the world is taking the best pictures of her clients in any setting. She'll capture the intimacy in every photo, turning them into long lasting memories and pieces of ART. Each client has a distinct aura, and Lynnette promises to reflect her client's individuality through her photography. So for every shoot, she works hard to portray the inner beauty and the unique personality of everyone. She is always complimented on her ability to capture the life and essence of each of her clients. From her artistic viewpoint, she seeks the image that transfers life and spirit in every photo. Everyone has a unique characteristic that is always captured during the photo session. Although a picture is physically silent, it speaks a thousand words. Clients are always comfortable shooting with Lynnette because she helps them express themselves and relax. All clients create their own expressions, gestures and spontaneous moments that show their distinct, unique personality. The ending result is modern, beautiful, and traditional.
By Lynnette Diaz, link updated on Apr. 7 2010
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