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Fundamental Technical specs About Alkaline Water Machine -  Since the tap water passes with the filtering program of water ionizers, and electronic recent is activated upon the water in the chamber that consists of diodes or plates known as ionizing plates. This chamber is known as the internal electrolysis or ionization chamber.  »
By Niartroth Rtorth, created on Mar. 10
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Cutting Optimization Software CutGLib Introduced New Options to Control Layout Sizes and Reduce Sheet Rotation Operations -  1888 Press Release - Cutting optimization software library CutGLib version 2 introduced a new method to generate cutting sequence that minimizes sheet stock rotations, thus reducing the total job time. The maximum layout size options have also been added to account for cutting machine hardware limitations.  »
By Patrick Gallenberg, created on Apr. 15 2015
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Murata Machinery USA Introduces New ML400L Shaft Turning Machine -  1888PressRelease - Murata Machinery introduces a longer version of the Muratec ML400 shaft turning machine - the ML400L. The ML400L expands the automated turning of shaft parts up to 570 mm (22.4") in length and up to 200 mm (7.9") in diameter.  »
By Patrick Gallenberg, created on Sep. 5 2014
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Thought May Bring about Tornado -  1888 Press Release - Lajtner Machine Proves Thought Can Create Tornado Using Butterfly Effect.  »
By Patrick Gallenberg, created on Jul. 2 2014
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Washing Machine Balls - natural laundry soap alternative - wash 1500 loads - Great Gift! -  Call 888-475-0004 for Free Shipping. - (2) Enza Wash Balls are an FDA approved all natural laundry detergent and soap replacement for babies and children with sensitive skin allergies. Washes 1500 loads of laundry.  »
By Chris Edwards, Udut, Kenneth, edited on Dec. 27 2010
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