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Ebony Magazine's Couple of the Year Survives Marriage with a Touch of Essence -  1888PressRelease - Married to the Boss - Can Marriage, Money & Multimedia Mix? Barack and Michelle do it. Wil and Jada do it. LL & Simone do it. How? As the divorce rate hovers near an estimated 60 percent in the United States, many blame career stress as a major cause of separations. But somehow some couples grow stronger, especially when they work together.  »
By Patrick Gallenberg, created on Sep. 12 2014
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Long awaited Snoring Solution By Patrick Gallenberg, created on Jan. 27 2014
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WHATEVER IT TAKES MARRIAGE CONFERENCE MARCH 31-APRIL 3 2011 -  If you are tired of just surviving in life and long to thrive in your relationship with your spouse, family, and God, then this conference is for you! Come join us for our Lake Placid marriage conference.  »
By Aimee Champagne, edited on Mar. 18 2011
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Marriage -  Marriage (44) in Naples or Collier County
By simplify3, , link updated on Oct. 13 2009, 444
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Interracial Dating and Marriage -  Interracial, interracial dating, interracial relationship, interracial marriage, interracial single, interracial match, interracial online, interracial lesbian, gay interracial, single interracial matchmaking, Caucasian singles  »
By johnsonwoods, , link updated on Oct. 9 2009, 444
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