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Crowns & Bridges Pune Laminates Pune Tooth Whitening Pune Gum Therapies Pune Fixed & Removable

Crowns & Bridges Pune Laminates Pune Tooth Whitening Pune Gum Therapies Pune Fixed & Removable

Root Canal Therapy Cost India at Complete Gum and Dental Care Center -  At Complete Gum and Dental Care Center, we work under the able leadership of Dr. Ankit Khanna as well as Dr Ruchira Khanna and we do provide the root canal treatment at much reduced price as compared to the root canal treatment. Each patient as well as tooth leads to different set of circumstances. As far as the cost of the root canal treatment is certainly dependent on the required chair time that is necessary to provide you the treatment as well as you will get the cost of the staff, training as well as the technology. These are certainly available with all our dentists and hence the cost might be a bit higher. However, you need to pay around $150 for the root canal treatment. We will discuss later how this is certainly quite different from the cost in UK and US and it is certainly quite less undoubtedly. You need to know that the chair time is dependent on many factors and hence you might have to provide more than $150 if the chair time is increased due to any of these reasons: • Tooth position inside the mouth • Number of roots as well as number of canals that is inside these roots • The root length as well as the root curvatures • The absence as well as the presence of the calcifications inside the root canal space • Special dental considerations like it might be more difficult for the dentists to work through the existing crown or bridge as compared to work on the tooth where there is only small previous filling. Some of the teeth might have been broken quite seriously in the past while curing any dental disease as well there might be built-up as well before the dentists starts the root canal treatment for establishing the aseptic field that need to be established, maintained during treatment. The chair time is certainly the most important reason for the treatment cost increase. However, there might be some other reasons as well like the cost of the technology. There might be use of the computer digital radiography, ultrasonic or the specialized training courses. The cost of dental office overhead like staff, rent and utilities rent might be one of the reason. The endodontic treatment philosophies being used by various dentist is also one of the reason. You pay around 500 dollars in UK and around 300$ in US, that is much more than Indian cost which just $150 is. Being headed by Dr. Ankit Khanna (M.D.S) who is also a periodontist, implantologist, cosmetologist (Korea), and this clinic is one of the most popular clinics of Pune. You will find that more number of patients from all over the world come out here to make sure that their teeth is ok. Even Dr. Ruchira Khanna (M.D.S) is a Prosthodontist, both of them are running this clinic, and their clinic is certainly going on quite nicely. At Complete Gum & Dental Care Center, you get all kind of services. Filling, X-Rays, Denture, Bridge, Braces, Implant, cosmetic dentistry and all kind of treatment is provided out here. You are also going to find that more number of patients comes out here to get their treatment at much reduced price and that is certainly a great thing. You will find that this clinic is one of the best in the country and one of the cheapest as compared to that in London.  »
By Dentaltourismclinicpune, created on May 1 2013
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