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Nuvaring is hormonal preventative vaginal ring -  Nuvaring works in a far-reaching way by suspecting ovulation. An assistant component of action is obstacle of sperm invasion by movements in the cervical natural liquid. Hormonal contraceptives also have outcomes for the endometrium that theoretically could impact implantation, however no legitimate affirmation exhibits that foresight of implantation truly happens on account of their use. Nuvaring should not be used if a woman is pregnant.  »
By Isabel Marshal, image uploaded on June 27 2014
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Ovral is a type of Emergency Contraceptive Pill -  A woman should take it after any unprotected intercourse or in the case when another birth control failure is suspected or known; such as when the necessary pills have been missed, or the condom has been broken down.  »
By Richard MacLeod, Udut, Kenneth, edited on June 14 2014
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Ovral L contains estrogen and progestin, used as a highly effective oral contraceptive - onlinegenericpills -  Ovral L helps to regularize cycles and reduce the incidence of anemia, premenstrual tension and pain during periods.  »
By Adam Martin, created on Apr. 2 2014
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NuvaRing is a small, comfortable vaginal ring -  NuvaRing is the trade name for a combined hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring that is available by prescription. It is a flexible plastic (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) ring that releases a low dose of a progestin and estrogen over three weeks.  »
By Richard MacLeod, created on Feb. 10 2014
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