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New WWII Thriller Masterfully Blends Action, Suspense And Humor -  Rich DiSilvio's newest novel will make you cringe, think, laugh and hold your breath in this action-packed thriller.  »
By GCL PRL, created on Jan. 13
In Press Releases and Company Profiles
Blood On Hampton Beach -  Just Dan Marlowe's luck to stumble across the murdered body of Hampton Beach's premier property owner. Now he has to find something elseher killerand fast. Before a Hampton police detective, who thinks Dan is behind every crime on the beach, hangs the murder on Dan.  »
By GCL PRL, created on May 21 2015
In Press Releases and Company Profiles
Trauma Scene Cleaning Services -  Bio-hazard cleanup from accidents or natural death scenes.  »
By Marc Onesta, published on May 1 2013
In Press Releases and Company Profiles
Crime Down In Collier 8th Straight Year -  Courtesy of Collier Star  »
By Udut, Kenneth, published on Feb. 4 2010
In News Commentary
Latest Crimes in Collier County, Florida By Udut, Kenneth, edited on Dec. 21 2009, 555
In Collier County
Collier County crime rate drops for 7th year in a row! -  Except Larceny, which was up 6.8%.  »
By Udut, Kenneth, created on Jan. 29 2009, 444
In Collier County
Crime is DOWN in Collier County FL in 2008! -  Crime is going down in Naples FL and Collier County says the Sheriff! Read all about it.  »
By simplify3, created on Oct. 15 2008, 444
In !! New in Collier County !!
Unemployment, bored kids, crime and penniless in Collier County, Florida -  Naples, I hope your job market shapes up, or else...  »
By simplify3, commented on Sep. 19 2008, 555
In Collier County