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Need your boat serviced or repaired? Take it somewhere else, anywhere else. Trust me, I've been there and will never go back again. I've been a yacht captain for 30+ years and have had yachts repaired all over the world. On a delivery from the TCI to Texas I stopped at Molly's because of a slight vibration. Molly told me that the prop shafts were bent, the boat had been aground, the propellers needed to be repaired, and the engines needed to be realigned. There was no apparent damage to the props that I could see. She gave me a quote to make repairs that she thought were needed. Her prices were incredably high. I had her put the boat back in the water and continued on to Texas. Upon arrival in Texas, I had a boat yard check the entire running gear and they found nothing wrong other than the port propeller was not seated on the shaft properly. After the prop was lapped to the shaft, I took the boat on a sea trial and the vibration was gone.

Thanks Molly!
[Review in RDF]

by Captain Allen on Aug. 28 2013