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J. M. Kent, MD on Jul. 28 2009 edit · delete

This is an utterly amazing physician. He has treated four of my "impossible" to help patients with success over time. Dr. Schaller is the rare fusion of a brilliant dreative researcher and a caring motivated clinician.

I am now sending him relatives and friends from all over the country.

Now I find out most of his patients already come from all over the world in any season.

He has no need for fame or glamour, and perhaps that is why he keeps a low profile.

We are lucky to have this genius creative healer in our SW Florida area.
Lisa Standler, RN on Jul. 29 2009 edit · delete

I have struggled with fatigue and aches for many years. I went to Mayo, the real Cleveland Clinic and Hopkins. They were sincere, but were only good at telling me what was not wrong with me.

Dr. Schaller was a miracle to deal with--respectful, creative, broad reader and he loves the tough patient. Meaning, his patients are usually very smart and come to him first or most have been to many others first.

In the waiting room I met folks from Ohio and England. They came for him, not for the sun!

I actually am now back working part-time, since I also want to have a life with my family and friends.

He fixed me and gave me my life back.

Good luck finding better in the entire state.
Barbie Lockhart on Aug. 2 2009 edit · delete
Flew to see Dr. Schaller after seeking help for many years for my children. Saw at least a dozen doctors who were 'experts' as watched my kids slowly disintegrating and not able to attend school. He actually knows about babesia and bartonella - has authored many books, could answer questions no one else had even researched. Kids are now getting A's in school, healthy and live normally. Was worth every second and cost to save their lives. The man is a maverick. Other doctor's actually come to see him, as do folks from all over the world, I met a few when we went to visit. Was not there for vacation, but Naples is a great place to travel and his staff were very helpful with all arrangements. If you care about your kids, or you yourself are sick, there is no one like him.
 on Aug. 9 2009 edit · delete

Has been treating many family and friends from all over USA for years. The best physician we know. He is a passionate reader, inventor, creative and solves problems. He is the smartest and most caring healer we know. He has saved many of our lives.

We have been to top named physicians and medical centers and it seems Schaller is happy just to hide in Naples. Perhaps that is why we sometimes meet famous people in his office. He does not need attention or fame.

One warning: If you ever try to trouble him or threaten him, you will be terminated--he does not need the patients.

If you really attack him, he knows and has treated many powerful people. You might find that every ethical and legal option will be used against you. So unless you are literally perfect, do not bite a man who has saved the lives or the family members of many protective old patients. Immunity will not save you from your dirty laudry, so just walk away.
Texas Terror on Nov. 28 2009 edit · delete

I delayed seeing him because a sick and wacho person told me he was not good. So I went to see many other health care people over 18 months. My daughter and I only got worse.

This doc was kind, funny, playful and sharp. He is very talented.

Frankly I had given up and now we are 100% and 85% better and all our friends, family and teachers think we are just fine.

We are so pleased. They broke the mold with "Dr. J."

It took me some time to realize some people with various illnesses want the limited time of a full-time research person, who pays for his own full-time study, and they want it for cheap.

Some of these same people spent tons of time and money on clothes, cars, web sites, and other things.

They are ill and now I ignore them. Some hate the cream. Some hate those they cannot afford. I guess that is part of growing up or being mentally solid. You cannot have all you want. And a part-time researcher has only limited time.
FloridaDoc23 on Nov. 28 2009 edit · delete

I have been to many people for my fatigue.

It is now fully gone.

People write books, papers and have fatigue centers. James simply fixed me. No drama. No selling. He is serious and warm. I like the mix, but I really like being better.

I had started to be very concerned about disability. Now it is no concern.
Tomie645 on Nov. 30 2009 edit · delete
He is playful, warm and a sweet healer. He spent 2 hours with me. We have never spent that amount of time with any type of health worker.

He found about six things on my full laboratory tests, and now I am doing great.

Since he is always reading, and inventing stuff, he is not cheap. He only sees patients part-time.

Any nasty words do not go over well. My sister had some concerns and was not appropriate, and while his staff will help any day of the week, but they do not accept verbal abuse or insults. So if you want to use this person for individual and attentive care, be civil.

He is a fun smart doctor.
Tamra Cynic on May 8 2010 edit · delete
I am a health care worker who has been disabled for a number of years. I was given every diagnosis I could imagine and after wasting a good deal of money I was told this person likes hard patients.

He is quite good an finding things other reliable healers miss.

My family and I have noticed that I am getting better. He has me off treatments every 15 days for 3-4 days so I can see my progess--I was getting hopeless at one piont.

After some months we all see that I am much better and now shop and walk and am able to socialize.

I expect to be able to work at some time if this progress continues.

The person is not offering routne fees and does not take insurance. This initially bothered me. But he gave me two free sessions, and if I keep this pace of improvement, I will be working in the future.

Schaller is worth the cost and the effort to see him.
Nancy Novak on Nov. 26 2010 edit · delete
You will not find a better diagnostician and healer, than Dr. Schaller. It is a refreshing bonus that he is also a caring, gentleman and a brilliant scholar.
Linda Forbes on May 27 2011 edit · delete
- May 27 I'm utterly shocked and dismayed at the recent attacks on this fine man and medical doctor. Perhaps I am protective because this person has restored my child's life, vitality, physical and mental wellbeing. Perhaps it is because the long road to good health was nothing but detours until we discovered Dr. Schaller. Perhaps it's because of the education my family has gotten from discovering our child was ill and that so many roadblocks existed to keep her from getting well, mainly the attacks on doctors trying to treat patients with tick and flea borne infections. Imagine my surprise to find that the very victims of these horrible diseases are the biggest attackers. Why? Money? We would do anything, including paying more at times that for a so-called 'regular' doctor. We wasted ten times more money on vague, non-diagnoses than we will have spent with this brilliant and talented mind that is Dr. Schaller. He now has to defend his own character from ill people who should be helping this cause, not hurting it? It's utter insanity. This is a good man who doesn't deserve the attacks and defamatory blogs and posts. He dreams of treating sick patients for little or no cost, but his time and energy and yes, money, instead must be wasted on resources on the contrary? Unreal. I will never understand. What I do know is the very real life that my daughter and her sister have been given back thanks to this man's caring heart and innovative, nonstop learning passion. For those of you doing personal attacks, stop and think about the negativity you are injecting into the tick infection community. The hatred. In my opinion, the damage is far worse than any of these accusations you make against this human being.
JosieFlorida on June 28 2011 edit · delete
I have lived in Florida for some years now after coming down from New Jersey. I have had increasing troubles with my mood, thinking, fatigue, weight gain and then loss.

I went to some physicians who friends recommended, and who seemed to come from educational institutions that were impressive. I am not sure any helped me all that much.

After 1/2 hour with Dr J it was clear to me that he was different. He does like being eccentric, and that made me feel relaxed. And he is serious about being a doctor, but what impressed me most was not a cancer cure or a million studies, but how well he listened.

And after asking many questions, he proposed a number of possible causes for my problems. He ended up being right on over half. It was all new to see someone think so wide, and be open to so many causes. His staff say he reads. Maybe that is why he has so many ideas.

I am cured according to my friends, but I see at times almost back to normal. I am not all fixed yet and not 100%. But as a baseball fan lady I can see home plate just in front of me.

I must say at times I want to smack him, because he kids me that I was hopeless, and see how well you are doing because of "your work." I do not care that he is happy I am better. I did no work, He did. No wonder he gets awards.

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