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Hi from across the pond

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r nick -- on June 11 2007, from West Yorkshire, UK

Simplify3, Ken, paid a visit to my site, so I thought i would pop over and have a look

Really like the content and structure, looks like a lot of thought has gone into it.

The colours are not bad, I like the retro idea, but it needs a bit work on things like the links. Unless you specically need a large font, id go for something smaller, so it looks like the font used in a command prompt.

Anyhow, keep working, get the word spread about your site, I dont know if you guys have thought about advertising etc, but is important if you want to drag any decent amount of visitors in. My personal site has had no advertising and gets very little attention, but my wifes business gets a good few visits from searches.

Anyhow, nice to see some more English-speaking users of YACS (slow spreading from its french-only base).
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Kenneth Udut
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on June 12 2007

Thanks for the comment!

I think you're right about the smaller font. I'll have to play around a bit more with it.

I've been debating about a console font - some kind of fixed width font. I like how fixed fonts typically look, althouh some things end up looking odd with a fixed font.

I threw this skin together in a hurry. Actually, it was a frenzy. 20 hours straight (minus four hours of sleep) 'cause I wanted to get this part over with so that I could continue with the development of the site itself.

Now that the site is getting more developed, you're right - I can revisit the size of the fonts - especially the links. It's a lot of scrolling you have to go through in order to get to the next set of articles.

Hopefully I can chane the 1-30, 30-60 and make it more like 1-50 or 1-100 -- but I haven't fiured out where that goes yet.

Thanks a zillion for the comments!

Hi from across the pond