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Collier County Beach Access Comparison

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Jul. 3 2007, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
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Comparison of Beach Access (Tigertail,Vanderbilt, etc)

Collier County Beach Access Comparison

Collier County Beach Access Comparison

The following data is compiled from the Collier County Beach Access report. It shows a comparison of various beaches within Collier county and their individual access strengths and weaknesses. For a true comparison, the three beaches that comprise Barefoot Beach, the three that represent Vanderbilt Beach, the two the represent North Gulf Shore, and the two the represent the City of Naples have been combined into one (respectively).

For comparison sake, graphs have been provided below that represent mainland beach comparisons as well as all Collier County beach comparisons.

Note: Parking Density is calculated as (Total Parking / Total Linear Feet)

All Collier County Beaches


Total Linear Feet

Total Parking

Parking Density

Barefoot Beach(2) 15250 456 0.029902
Vanderbilt Beach(2) 13125 580 0.04419
Pelican Bay 0 0 0
North Gulf Shore(2) 13125 580 0.046813
City of Naples(2) 12000 1122 0.026093
Hideaway Beach 0 0 0
Tigertail Beach 4550 213 0.053846
Marco Island(1) 0 0 0
South Marco Beach(1) 43000 1122 0.058333

(1) Represents a non mainland beach.

(2) Represents combined beach information from Collier County's report.

Comparison for Mainland Beaches

All Beach Comparison

The following charts represent all beaches within Collier County

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Collier County Beach Access Comparison Comparison of Beach Access (Tigertail,Vanderbilt, etc)