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gigabo a Lee County paid database engine

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This morning on FOX-4 News, I saw a commercial for Gigabo, a service for Lee County, FL. So, I checked it out...

Gigabo seems like an interesting endevour.

There's a cute green mascot.

They charge $350 introductory rate for a year's worth of advertising with a year free beyond that. $350.00/year seems about typical for local advertising ventures. I don't know the success rate of such things - I've seen it with I Go City (don't have their advertising rates offhand) and with Naples, and NAPLES-EXPO.COM which is a work in progress soon to be opened fully to the public.

Now Gigabo is tough to say just yet. There's really nothing to see there yet, but they promise wome wonderful databases of Lee County businesses and the indexed database of people's home addresses, perhaps also with the customer lists of each business that they list.

A very interesting endevour - certainly the modern day mailing-list management combined with business directory-for-all.

Will it work? I'm no expert on Lee County, but I'm also no expert at Collier County.

I hope they offer some freebies to the public and perhaps a basic link exchange program for those mom&pop businesses who are good but don't have the advertising dollars to afford supporting an unknown website with a 15 second early morning TV ad.

But I wish them the best of luck as I do which is run by the good folks who used to run ourgoldengateestates (now defunct) and

Now if you want to be found on Google (which, to me, is the current best way to be found), just add a snippet to the bottom of your business page here on NeighborHelp Referrals' naplesplus website. I've been getting better and better at getting "findable" on Google, not just for my business referral business, and more importantly for my animal trapping business, but even moreso for the Collier County community of businesses at large.

For I believe it's important for the smaller businesses to be able to have a spot online, even if it's not fancy. Even without flash animation and snazzy graphics. All we would like is the occasional donation (see the $1 donation at the bottom of the page) - or an email at or a posting here to say, "Great job, Ken".

This website is inexpensive enough to run that my current business endevours completely support it. and it costs NOTHING to get found on a search engine - just a bit of cleverness and lots of reading.

So if you want a business page on here, and you're not ALREADY on here, make a page. Heck, even if you are in Lee County or (gasp!) even Charlotte County or Hendry. I don't mind. If it brings more money into the area, helps create new jobs where there once was none, helps small businesses who have the same trouble that I do -- EXPOSURE - then I feel that I've done at least a small thing on this earth to help things along.

And to paid advertising local efforts -- kudos and bravo and a high-five. Make money! Give your customer a good product and make a profit. Everybody needs to eat and as anti-capitalist as I once was as a teenager, I now say that, with honest business practices (there *is* such a thing) and a mission, there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting a profit.

After all, a business that doesn't post a profit is a non-profit. Right?

Kenneth Udut
Webmaster: Collier County News/Business Homepages/Videos Owner: NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping (noises in your attic spooking you? You may have rats. Call us if you are in Collier or Lee Counties. We'll seal up your house tighter than the other guys do (and don't call a pest control company to deal with rats - poisoning rats is a VERY BAD IDEA (as they die in the walls)) - call an animal trapping company. In business since 2004. Call 239-465-9291 and ask for Ken. I can send my technician over there either same day or next and what's on the contract, is what you pay.
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Simplify3 on Sep. 15 2007 edit · delete
Here's a copy of their signup page blurb as of September 15, 2007:

Sign Up Today and Receive a Life-time membership
To for only $350.00 Per Year!

But Hurry, This Price Won't Last!

Charter Membership Includes:

· Access To Ad Builder™
· Access To Personal Ticker
· Visibility on
· Benefit from Gigabo's
Massive Marketing Efforts
· Download mailing lists
of any business in Lee Co.
· Real-Time Updates to Ads
· Unlimited Key Words
· Free Updates for life
· Free Personal Membership
· Second Year FREE!
· Life-Time Low Price

Post Job Listings,
Real Estate...Any thing
you want!

Now, it's hard to say "only $350" and "free" in the same sentence to me, but then again, I'm no webmarketer.

I see they seem to have a number of businesses happily signing up, which is great. A 15 second ad, a memorable name, a large potential userbase (Lee County is far bigger - people-wise - than Collier County (which is mostly woods). Oh and that green mascot. I have to say that I like it.

Don't forget, Lee County, even though naplesplus is HEAVILY geared towards Collier County, if you post a few pages here (some of you have already), put an ad blurb somewhere on this site, I probably won't delete it. Afterall, we're neighbors. I go into Bonita Springs for Buffalo Chips and Estero now and again, and visit Harbor Freight or Bass Pro Shops once a year.Maybe you'll inspire me to promote your place.

Someday, naplesplus will get a mascot. Any suggestions --- a turkey perhaps?

Ken of Collier County's naplesplus
Thinker on Sep. 23 2007 edit · delete
Ken give your self credit, i know you can do better, add a mascot, make your webpage better. And about gigabo, how much money can you make, if the second year is free, priceless. I guess that's how they get you to sign up. I don't think they'll last long. Also, there making money and they are a non-profit, doesn't make any sense. I guess everybody is out there to make a buck. The mascot looks like an alien, not amusing. And they post addresses already, i guess you really don't need a webpage after all, when they're already advertising companies for free. Smooth, not to bright. Well incase anyone needs to find a specific company, restaurant, etc. They'll find it for free. That company is lucky and it did not have to have a life-time membership, i guess it's free for life. Until there webpage dies off. Also, they must have spent a fortune paying for a commercial advertising, that can be very expensive. I guess everybody that signed in with gigabo, and the profit they made is still not enough to make up the commercial. Maybe they broke even or loss profits.
Simplify3 on Sep. 23 2007 edit · delete
Thanks Thinker! I'm not sure who you are (although I'd SWEAR your writing style looks familiar) but I really appreciate the support.

I guess when it comes down to it, I'm a non-profit kinda guy. Of course, even non-profit organizations have to ask for money -- grant-writers are one of the most sought after needs for non-profits. It always takes money.

So what's Kenny's solution? Be thrifty with money (get the best web server one could find for the lowest price that isn't overtaken by spammers) and get CREATIVE with marketing. ie- instead of paying everybody to get listed, find reliable, free ways to advertise. The best advertisement is to be a top result in a Google or AOL search. I've had 3506 unique Google searchers just in the past 30 days (totalling 4700 unique visitors the same time period, 10809 pageviews...) , and I'm not primarily advertising the trapping business or a business referral service but simply getting out there and sharing what I can find in the hopes that it may help somebody 'out there'.

My website definitely needs to be easier to navigate and perhaps a more proper message board system. But it's slowly getting there.

thanks for the moral support

gigabo[nl] a Lee County paid database engine This morning on FOX-4 News, I saw a commercial for Gigabo, a service for Lee County, FL. So, I checked it out...