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Ave Maria University Clubs + Organizations

This is a copy of the page available on the ave maria university website. It is out of date as was theirs when I copied it. Still, it is an extra pointer and hopefully it will get Ave Maria University to update their site - so I can update mine

Ave Maria University Clubs + Organizations

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Clubs and Organizations in Ave Maria University, available to students.

Clubs & Organizations

A student organization is defined as a group of students joined in the pursuit of a common purpose, guided by an approved constitution under the direction of chosen or elected officers, advised by a faculty or staff member, and officially recognized by Ave Maria University through the Office of Student Life.

Students are urged to take an active role in student organizations, since such activity contributes to their total education as a whole person, and the educational goal of Ave Maria University.

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS (current as of 2/28/06)

Student Government

tennis club

The purpose is to grow in fellowship while enjoying the physical benefit which the tennis game will bring. The tennis club will provide an opportunity for tennis players, as well as those interested in becoming tennis players, to compete against one another in a friendly setting.

lan club

information goes here --

Poetry Club

--This club wishes to foster an interest in the composition and appreciation of poetry that is a lively part of the Catholic culture among Ave Maria students and to start this interest with a wider AMU community by holding regular workshops and holding monthly seminars

yearbook --information goes here --

international students

For more information, please see International Students Tab

ice skating club

--information goes here --

Slan Society of Irish Step Dancing --information goes here --

Students for Life

AMU Students for Life is committed to education and empowering a majority of the AMY student body to become involved in Pro-Life activities. The activities of AMU-SFL include but are not limited to the following:

•o Praying for men and women who work to end abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty

•o Praying or men and women who support abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty.

•o Praying outside of clinics and Planned Parenthood facilities

•o Performing sidewalk counseling

•o Attendance at the annual national March for Life

•o Support chastity education

•o Volunteering at nursing homes and hospices

•o Ministry to the homeless

•o AIDS ministries

knights of columbus

An officially recognized chapter of the national organization. For more information about the knights of Columbus please go to

chastity team

The purpose of the Chastity Team is:

•o To live out chastity in our own lives through the way we dress, speak and through our behavior.

•o To support each other as a team, and school, to strive towards purity of mind, body and soul.

•o To evangelize the virtue of chastity to our community, and especially our campus, through our example.

•o To host activities on campus that promote chastity such as a fashion show,speakers, and videos on chastity

•o To evangelize to high school students and youth groups about the virtue of chastity through presentations of skits and testimonies.

swing dance club

Every friday night a group of students gather and have fun with swing dancing.

Sodalitas Pontificis Sancti Gregorii Magni

To cultivate and restore traditional Catholic piety, practice and devotions unto the glory of God, the honor of His saints and the sanctification of ourselves,, the school, and the society at large by educating the student body in the \"virtues\" of the traditional Roman Liturgy, to increase the solemnity of newer forms of worship and advance modesty with regard to the Liturgy.

music ministry

--information goes here --

fine arts club

Fosters student appreciation of the fine arts through attendance at operatic and symphonic performances as well as visits to historic and art museums.

the academy

--information goes here --

student news paper

--information goes here --

Habitat for Humanity Outreach --information goes here --

Immokalee Outreach Club --information goes here --

Drama Club The Drama Club - One of AMU's Student Organizations

Student Activities Board --information goes here -- Operation Prayer Packages (OPPS)

a prayer team for our troops overseas. A support organization that will send care packages to our troops stationed overseas during the holidays. This group will also hold fundraising events to raise money to construct and mail the packages.

Hiking and Mountaineering Club The Hiking and Mountaineering Club serves to grow in brotherhood, appreciation of creation and most importantly conversion in Christ by organizing trips to the mountains that gives the group on a campus a fun and edifying break from school Communion and Liberation

An ecclesial movement whose purpose is the education to Christian maturity of its adherents and collaboration in the mission of the Church in all the spheres of contemporary life.This group will meet and discuss Luigi Giussani's writings and how they pertain to our life and the Christian experience

Running Club(pending) --information goes here --

John Paul II Society --information goes here --



Every Saturday, a group of staff, faculty and students go out to Immokalee and help build homes with Habitat for Humanity

Works of Mercy Outreach Club --info goes here --

Big Brothers Big Sisters --info goes here

Spring Break Mission Trip info goes here

Immokalee Outreach Outreach program directed for our neighbors in Immokalee. This outreach serves the community by tutoring in English, assisting with those less fortunate, and working with the community and their needs.
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Ave Maria University Clubs + Organizations Clubs and Organizations in Ave Maria University, available to students.