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The Town of Big Cypress - blurb from Collier Enterprises

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The Town of Big Cypress

Over the next 12 to 15 years, Collier Enterprises will be developing the town of Big Cypress , a new sustainable community located in eastern Collier County. Big Cypress will offer an attractive, vibrant place to live and work for people of all ages and income levels. It will be developed under the Rural Lands Stewardship program and will ensure the preservation of more than 10,000 acres of land and historic ranches and farms. Neighborhoods will be interconnected by a network of trails, parks and preserves, and surrounded by vast expanses of green - scenic land to explore and enjoy. Big Cypress will include a maximum of 9,000 residential units on about 2,800 acres. A proportionate amount of commercial space - jobs, shopping, services, schools, health care, recreation, and civic and cultural facilities - will serve residents of the community and the eastern part of the county. Our vision for the town of Big Cypress is a new kind of community that represents all that is best about eastern Collier County - a great place to live, a unique rural quality and huge preserves of land and water.


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