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Sharks Cavern


Sharks Cavern

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Corner of Pine Ridge & Livingston 13040 Lvingston Road, Naples, FL 34105 - (239) 643-1113

13040 Lvingston Road, Naples, FL 34105 - (239) 643-1113

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Shark's Cavern restaurant and bar is an upscale dining establishment, serving lunch and dinner. This includes a full indoor/outdoor bar and an outdoor dining patio. The menu will consist of our house signature Prime Rib, Southwest Rib Eye Steak and many seafood dishes to complete it. Our lunch menu will offer specialty sandwiches and soup combinations in a variety of styles.

Shark's Cavern offers not just great food but a full dining experience with our over 2,500 gallon salt water shark aquarium to keep you and your children entertained. Shark's Cavern caters to all ages to make your dining experience more fulfilling for families as well as couples looking for an experience to remember!

Sharks Cavern
13040 Livingston Road Unit 1
Naples, FL 34105

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(239) 273-7366 Marie
(239) 784-1145 Rick
(239) 784-4514 Jessie

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Simplify3 on June 24 2008 edit · delete
I've gotten over 100 hits for "Shark's Cavern" here on naplesplus over the past week or two, and I finally saw it today while checking out the three month old mall over on the corner of Livingston & Pine Ridge.

With all these people looking for more information here on naplesplus, I figured it was time to setup a page. I hope the owners add their two cents here -- the more the merrier
How does this compare with others in the area? Do they have the best prices? How was the service?

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Sharks Cavern Corner of Pine Ridge & Livingston 13040 Lvingston Road, Naples, FL 34105 - (239) 643-1113 [img][/img]