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Naples Latin American Grill


Naples Latin American Grill

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50 Wilson Blvd, Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL

Naples Latin American Grill
50 Wilson Blvd
Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL

Phone: 239-352-7944

HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 6am - 10pm
Sunday: 6am - 7pm

Some samplings from their menu:
Toast & Butter: $1.00
American Coffee: $1.00
Capucchino: $1.40
Hot Tea: $0.90
Cuban Coffee: $0.60

Eggs, Ham, Buttered Tosat: $3.00
Pancakes: $2.75
Shakes: $2.85 (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Papaya, Wheat, Malted Milk, Mamey Natural

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad: $5.75
House Salad: $3.00
Grilled Tilapia Filet: $6.25

There's delicious chicken, beef, different kinds of rice, oh, and pies!
I (Ken) had a Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake that I think gave me instant diabetes it was SO incredibly good! It's worth going in for the pies alone!
And first day opening, we had chicken fricase with black rice and garlic yucca (I consider it a cuban potato - very similar to a potato) -and it was all wonderfully done.
Service needs a little work and for an American of Scotch-Irish descent, the American Coffee was a big on the strong side (toe-curling) but they just opened up and are getting their feet wet. This review comes only on the 2nd day of opening and I'm impressed with what I see so far. I expect they'll get the little kinks out of the system within a few weeks. -Kenneth Udut, Nov 4, 2008

NAPLES, FL 34117
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Simplify3 on Nov. 8 2008 edit · delete
We've been there three times in the past week (its their opening week).

The food is delicious. Today we had a wonderful beef stew, and a tres-leche for desert.

The service and pricing have to be ironed out -- its a little hit or miss -- but being that it's their first week in business, I'll go back in a few weeks and see how they're doing again.

I'll also have to pass on a suggestion that they start making egg sandwhiches -- I think that would be a very popular item. (its just a roll with an egg, cheese, ketchup, salt and pepper in the middle).

Ken Udut, webmaster of

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Naples Latin American Grill 50 Wilson Blvd, Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL