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ENVONT LLC - 3073 South Horseshoe Drive Unit 101 Naples FL 34104

Unit 101 Naples FL 34104
PRESIDENT: Nick Shevillo

NanoKlean™, an environmental friendly transparent, Tio2 photocatalytic nanocoating for application to a varity of materials such as concrete, stone, metal, ceramic or glass substrates where transparency is important. NanoKlean™ can also be applied over colored surfaces and substrates without distorting their underlying color.

Treating surfaces with NanoKlean™ will not change the appearance of the surface. The material when applied almost immediately begins self-cleaning which results in the desired surface staying clean over time.

Exterior walls, glass and trim substrates of buildings become oxidized and soiled from pollution, automotive exhaust fumes etc,. When the original building materials are coated with NanoKlean™, the pollution and dirt on the substrates will wash away with rainfall, keeping the building materials clean at all times.

NanoKlean™ clear, nanocoating can be easily spray applied. NanoKlean™ then air dries to create an invisible,ultra thin, mechanically stable, long lasting, photocatalytic mineral film that results in maintenance and germ free self-cleaning building materials.

NanoKlean™ photocatalytic TiO2 nanocoatings have an advantage as it pertains to performance, value and diversity. "

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Editor’s note: The Economic Development Council of Collier County has launched Project Innovation to encourage economic diversification for more sustainable, high-tech industries. Some such firms are already here. This is the first in a series of profiles, provided by the EDC. To come: Examples of firms in other parts of Florida that the EDC would like to add. Economic Development Council of Collier County

Just a few years ago, Nick Shevillo, who had previously been in the software and investment-management industries, joined forces with a group of scientists to develop and market the use of nanotechnologies to produce environmentally friendly coatings and dispersions for use in a variety of industries.

Today, Shevillo is the president of EnVont Nanotechnologies, a Naples-based company that is developing revolutionary products and entertaining proposals from prospective partners who will assist in commercializing them.

“We have made tremendous strides,” Shevillo said, “and there are major announcements just ahead.”

As one example, the company’s revolutionary NanoKlean is a transparent, water-based coating that allows concrete, glass, ceramic and other surfaces to be essentially self-cleaning and provide odor remediation. After application, pollution and dirt are simply washed away by rainfall, dramatically reducing both the cost of maintenance and the effect of cleaning solvents on the environment.

Now located on Horseshoe Drive in the Collier Park of Commerce, the company was originally headquartered in Michigan, with research and development activities taking place there and in Connecticut. Shevillo, who had in the interim become a Naples resident, made the call to consolidate the company here.

Certainly, incentives provided by the state and the EDC contributed to his decision.

“The EDC has done a fantastic job for us,” Shevillo said. He also cited the fact that this is a great area for client hospitality, which has proven important for a business that constantly welcomes prospective customers and investors to its facility.

Still, two factors were paramount. First was the pool of available talent of experienced and influential people to serve on the board of advisers. “Naples has an extraordinary population of retired and semi-retired executives and entrepreneurs,” Shevillo said. “Their experience and ideas are invaluable.”

However, according to Shevillo, most important is the area’s effect on attracting and retaining high-quality employees. “Naples offers competitive salaries and a clear career path,” he concludes, “and at the same time the ability to live in a really great place.” That makes hiring and keeping top-notch talent a very easy sale.

EnVont has 20 employees with average yearly earnings of $62,000 and 20 more earning an average of $70,000.

Great ideas and a great location have set EnVont Nanotechnologies on the road to success. At its current rate of growth, it won’t be long before EnVont’s name is well known in its industry.
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Unit 101 Naples FL 34104