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508 North 9th Street • Immokalee, FL 34142 (239) 658-7080

iTECH / Immokalee Technical Center
508 North 9th Street
Immokalee, FL 34142
Local Tel: (239) 658-7080
Tel (239) 377-9900 •
Fax (239) 377-9901
Mr. Dorin Oxender, Principa


NAPLES — It was a project 10 years in the making and was referred to as "a beacon of hope for the Immokalee community."

Thursday, the dream officially became a reality as the Collier County School Board dedicated the Immokalee Technical Center, 614 S. Fifth St., Immokalee. The center, which opened its doors to students in January, houses career education programs, as well as GED programs for adults in the community.

"We are just beginning, but our future looks very bright," said Principal Dorin Oxender.

School Board member Richard Calabrese, in his first public School Board appearance since suffering multiple heart attacks last year, had the honor of dedicating the new building.

"Thank you to all the people who guided this building project," he said. "It will benefit adults and children in this community for years to come."

Several residents who participate in the Immokalee Technical Center's programs shared their experiences with the crowd of about 40 people who came to see the dedication. Some women created a "Tellin' Stories Family Quilt," which hangs in the lobby of the Immokalee Technical Center.

Magdalena Francesco, who is learning English at the center, came to the U.S. 18 years ago from Guatemala.

"I am in the Even Start program learning how to read," she said. "When we came to this country, ....we had no place to stay, no money. I am very happy because here is my life. I didn't know how to read. I couldn't speak English or Spanish. And now I do."

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No a happy student
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on May 13 2010

To future i tech students before you attend please read my story.

I was a student that graduated there, when I registred there the counsler told me that if I ever wanted to further my education that I would get credit for attending there school , so I attended and was happy about the school, they promised to job place or even give interships we as the class spoke to the principle about help finding jobs well nothing ever happened the only one who offred to help was the great instructor we had she always went out of our way to help us no one else did , I can tell you out of all 25 students there in the class no one found a job with the schools help and the ones that did we found them on our own . I am know attending collage just like 6 of the 25 our and nothing we did at lwit(itech) transfred over for a couple of us our trancrips were never recordred so that there should tell you what kind of school it is the collage that I am attending asked for records and none were over found the only thing I had to show for it was a certfication that is no good I am going to collage for the BA in my course that I took and anything that I did was a waste of time so if you want to further your education at i tech(lwit) i wouldnt waste your time just go to collage becuse lwit will not even verify that you attended and graduated for a job so i am really dispointed in the school and the some of the staff when i went all they could say was there no one at the time that could help me and that everything should be there in the trancrips so just think about my story before you go thank you no a happy student
Student at lwit_Bethune_
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on May 18 2010

Hi there future lwit students I am here to let you know about my experience there , they have great teachers that care about there students I know I had one of the greatest ones there , the education I recived there was good the only problem is that your not job placed and they dont help at all as far as interniships , so when you go look for a job no one will hire you becuse you dont have the experience , so if in fact they do they pay as if you had no education , I learned alot but if you want the good pay then you have to go for that degree, so start know becuse with a certifacation you will get know where I can tell you from experience or go where they will job place you at least becuse I attended in 07 and still have not bee able to get a job Airis
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on May 28 2010

I didnt get the chance to go to itech I went to Bethune when they were a branch of LWIT I can only speak for myself and my experience I enjoyed attending school there I had a great insrucator MS J she was a great teacher one of the best ones I had, she went out of way for any of us in our class to help us with our education. I pruded my carrier in the medical field and I learned so much all the staff were great Ms Nancey is awesome she was also a great help in the time that I attented school , she was there anytime student needed her services this education instuation is a great one and you learn so much there and they so many programs to help you get the education you need I had a wonderful experience there made liftime frienships with students and staff memebers,

thank you rg
iTECH - IMMOKALEE TECHNICAL CENTER 508 North 9th Street • Immokalee, FL 34142 (239) 658-7080