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667 Grizzly Bear Rd., Naples, FL 34113


Phone: 239-206-0188

667 Grizzly Bear Rd

667 Grizzly Bear Rd


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Casual Buffet Menu 53,760 bytes, 194 downloads
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Susan on May 1 2009 edit · delete
I was a guest at a dinner party last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the choices of food. Everything was DELICIOUS. KUDOS to Chef Charlie of The Courtly Table. I will be having him cook for my husband and myself for a couple of weeks.
Armando & Joan Freyre on May 6 2009 edit · delete
Chef Charlie is a terrific cook!!! He came to our house and asked us what our food and diet preferences were and accordingly suggested a menu with a wide variety of items to chose from. After choosing the items that we wanted, he bought the groceries (how convenient) and came to our house with his own kitchenette and cooking utensils, cooked and packaged all the dinners which included cooking instructions. The meals were varied and simply delicious. The price is very fair. We are extremely pleased with his services and highly recommend him.
Ralph and Chris on May 6 2009 edit · delete
We have had the extreme good fortune to have been invited to attend functions catered by Chef Charlie. Like his motto says"where everyone is treated like royalty". We have sampled many a dish prepared by the chef. Three words will summarize our feelings, mouth watering delicious. Every dish from presentation to freshness to taste more than met our expectations. We left with one thing on our minds, How can we find a way to do this again. Chef Charlie's food preparation and professionalism is second to none.
Steve on May 8 2009 edit · delete
  • May 08 Chef Charlie....Some of the best food I have had the pleasure to taste. His marinara sauce is better than any I have had. It's fresh, bright and balanced.... and my Italian mother-in-law cooked for a living! I'm also partial to Charlie's Chicken Marsala. Do yourself a favor and check out his cooking when and if you have a chance.

Jim Elderbrough on May 20 2009 edit · delete
  • May 20

We were kind of surprised when Chef Charlie arrived to prepare our catered party. I guess we expected a rotund little guy, maybe with a petite moustache and matching twinkle in his eye. Not quite. Chef Charlie is more like Arnold Schwazanegger's brother. Nonetheless, the twinkle was there. It was a special occasion and one at which we cannot often afford the luxury. Talking with Charlie in advance to decide on the menu, we decided to go all out, dispense with a chicken alternative, and chose Rinsrouladen, preceded by a German Beiersuppe, light, with subtle dashes of sugar and cinnamon. To arouse our tastebuds, the concession to our Florida location was a shrimp, hearts of palm, and avacado salad. The meat dish was exquisite, melted in our mouths, unleashing a cloudburst of flavor, washed down by Chef Charlie's choice of a rich Rheinhessen. If all of this was not enough, as a grand finale, Chef Charlie produced a chocolage mousse to die for, made with the richest butter that we had ever tasted in our lives. What more can I say?
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THE COURTLY TABLE LLC 667 Grizzly Bear Rd., Naples, FL 34113