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Naples Consulting and Computer Repair, LLC


Naples Consulting and Computer Repair, LLC

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Jerry Landry II -- on May 2 2009

We assist local area businesses get the most out of todays' technology. Working within tight budgets, we help you get to a perfect level of technology at a price you can afford.

We are more than just a computer repair shop! We offer system-management services that other area repair companies simply cannot offer.

Experience topped with an outstanding level of customer services and extra low-prices, that separates us from the rest of the area computer repair shops. Not only can we fix your computer or laptop, but we can maintain your computer long after the initial service call, using proprietary remote access technology. Users subscribe to an annual remote management service, and receive regular monthly clean-up and speed-up sessions, high-quality Internet Protection software, unlimited technical support, complete system management and user assistance via remote, seven days a week, all for one low price.

Many computer users are unaware of the number of potential problems they could regularly avoid, if they only knew how to manage and 'keep-up with' the ever-changing world of computing. We have to keep-up with today's technology, it's our job! From antivirus and software updates, to registry optimization settings and preventing Internet attack software, we make computers run quicker, safer and more reliable every day.

The opportunity to learn how to use your computer effectively is another benefit of our continuing maintenance service, as you'll soon see, our RPM plans make learning how to use your computer a snap. Having someone knowledgeable 'on-call' allows you to actually enjoy your computer, rather than fighting just to keep up with everything that's needed to make it run properly!

Naples Consulting Service specializes in wireless networking, home computers and all small business computer repairs!

We have an unbeatable combination of high-quality services with extended 45-day repair guarantees! We help customers with a multitude of technology issues, from backup and recovery solutions, to small business expansion and hardware upgrades. If it's tech-related; we do it!

We develop a business-relationship that fosters real results and meaningful problem resolutions. This is our ideology. We help with your computer and technical issues. Our clients always tell us how pleased they are with our positive attitudes and solid work ethics - surprising many customers with the lengths we sometimes go, just to please our clients.

All of our services are geared for the everyday computer user, as well as the small business owner working from his/her home. We bring top-end, business IT services to individual computer users like yourself, without the familiar big-business price tag! When you’re ready for a better computer repair experience, call Naples Consulting Service.

We are a proud members of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida.

Other Services. Our repair services are wide-ranging and quite varied. Inexpensive computer and laptop repairs, computer upgrades, wireless networking, mobile security, system encryption, sensible risk management and disaster planning solutions; everything you'd expect from a professional technology consulting company. We offer affordable backup and recovery solutions, solid technological advice and money-saving measures.

Energy-Efficient Products that reduce pollutants, we recycle and have “Free-Cycled” computer parts. That's right - FREE USED PARTS

In addition to all our regular services, we also have a “Fix or Free” billing policy!

THINKING GREEN. Naples Consulting Service is an avid supporter of "Free-Cycling"; the idea of reusing good internal computer parts, rather than sending them to the local landfill. All Free-Cycled parts are provided to the customer at No Charge.

Used parts are NEVER substituted as NEW parts. We never use 'free-cycled parts' in any repair work, unless you completely agree to the use of these parts.

We hope to work for you soon, so call us today!

Contact Jerry Landry II, Senior Engineer/Owner Office: (239)348-1193

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Naples Consulting and Computer Repair, LLC We assist local area businesses get the most out of todays' technology. Working within tight budgets, we help you get to a perfect level of technology at a price you can afford.