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Credit Restoration


Credit Restoration

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Flat rate, 30-60 day time frame. No phony Guarantees. In business over seven years

Flat rate from $249 to $499!

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We charge a flat fee and wrap up the process in 30-60 days, and we don’t hide behind any of the industry’s phony guarantees! Credit CPR has been working with mortgage brokers, lenders, and real estate professionals for the last 10 years to help clients reach that improved score of 620, 680, 720 or more to qualify for their loan. We do it quickly, effectively, and without a lot of headaches! Bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgments, tax liens, charge-offs, collections, child support, mortgage and credit card late payments are all legally disputable items with the credit bureaus. Because of the credit bureaus responsibility of ‘burden of proof, and lack of follow up on such disputed items, the results tend to be very favorable to the consumer, your client. Have your clients call for a free phone consultation.


Erik Olufson Credit CPR 6355 N.W. 36th Street Suite 609 Virginia Gardens, FL 33166 800.433.9883 nationwide 305.871.3400 office ext. 237
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Credit Restoration Flat rate, 30-60 day time frame. No phony Guarantees.  In business over seven years