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Postal customers fight to save branches

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"Postal customers fight to save branches

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - From petitions to question and answer sessions, people in Collier County are looking for ways to save their local post offices.

Facing an approximately seven billion dollar deficit nationwide, the Naples postmaster says economically, the U.S. Postal Service has to start thinking outside the box. That could leave people who use the Naples, Golden Gate, and Vanderbilt Beach branches taking their boxes somewhere else in the future.

"The branch could be very busy, but if I have a larger branch that's within driving distance, that's not unreasonable, and has the capacity to take the customers on at that location, it makes sense if I'm able to reduce the rent I have to pay," Naples Postmaster Richard Barber says.

Barber fielded questions from about two dozen concerned citizens in Golden Gate Monday night.

While nothing has been decided at this point, he says it comes down to dollars and cents in the end, but even if branches are shut down, the service and employees will stay. He says they'll just be moved to the nearest location, but some customers are still concerned.

"I just want to make sure that if they do move it, that there's not going to be a level in service dip or long lines," Golden Gate customer Duane Billington wonders.

"I do not want to have to drive all the way over to Goodlette-Frank, because there's a line out the door, because they do not have enough sufficient staff," Naples customer Robert Pines says.

While barber says staff will stay on, some postal workers are worried consolidation could cost them their jobs.

"Its no job security, and it is scary," mail carrier Christy Hendel says.

While the Postal Service does its research, people who use the Downtown Naples Post Office will continue to collect signatures for their petition to keep this branch open. We're told they'll be outside the office all week. "
-- Postal customers fight to save branches | WINK News - Southwest Florida | Local & Florida
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Postal customers fight to save branches