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You Can Endure Too


You Can Endure Too

avatarLivewire -- on Jan. 27 2010

Build Your Endurance at Livewire

Swimmers build their endurance by constantly practicing in the pool so they are ready for the next race. Runners build their endurance with constant practice on the track. Other athletes build endurance to be prepared for the challenges of the game. Sad to say many people are just not that committed to endure what life throws at them. Build your endurance Sunday at Livewire!

At Livewire the atmosphere is electric, the music is edgy, the people are real, and the message is relevant. Doors open Sunday at 9:30am with free donuts and coffee served up and the experience kicks off at 10:12. Livewire is located at Lake Park Elementary School just one block South of the Coastland Mall on Goodlette Rd. Get wired!

Livewire real. different. relevant. 239.438.8494

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You Can Endure Too Build Your Endurance at Livewire