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Stratford Concierge Personal Concierge service


Stratford Concierge Personal Concierge service

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We are a personal concierge and lifestyle management company in south Florida. We serve Lee, Collier, and Dade counties. A personal concierge is a sophisticated personal assistant that handles all your affairs and returns precious free time to you. If you can't finish all the tasks on your "to do" list, hate driving all around town, or need more time with your family, call us for help. When you need to throw a great party, we handle everything. If the movers are coming and you can't be in town, we supervise all aspects of your move. If you are new in town and don't know where to turn for help, we teach you step-by-step. Lifestyle management is a program used by busy people with complicated schedules who need to focus on their profession or charmed life. We staff the home, plan their agendas, and introduce them to the finer things in life. This frees them to pursue the passions in their life.

Services Offered

Errands Your time is better spent working on more productive and satisfying pursuits. If your grandchildren are visiting, you must not waste time sitting in traffic or shopping in town. We will fetch groceries, run to the airport, pick up laundry, and mail packages for you.

Dream Vacations We create travel experiences tailored to your requests. Locations are hand-picked. Rooms are upgraded. Drivers are waiting at all times. All staff members know your name and preferences.

Personal Shopping Consultants join you for shopping trips to help you make the best choice of gifts, clothes, makeup, fine art, jewelry, and furniture. A personal shopper may also pick up items independently while the client never leaves home. This is useful when one is very busy with work, travel, or entertaining.

Party Planning Your own social schedule may leave no time to properly plan a holiday or dinner party. We will compose a party and present its plan for final approval. Once the client approves the plan, we bring the food, staff, and decorations.

Reservations Popular restaurants may turn away walk-ins and reservation calls if they don't know who you are. We establish relationships with dozens of restaurant and nightclub managers to ensure that our clients get the table they want when they want it.

Homewatch We care for your home while you are out-of-town. We also stock the kitchen, prepare a meal, and spruce up the home for your return. A move-in service for high net worth clients falls under this category. We screen neighborhoods, neighbors, incomes, home styles, real estate agents, domestic staff, moving companies, decorators, and landscapers. Service from providers like phone, internet, water, gas, electricity, and security is started before your arrival.

Tutoring Computer classes are taught one-on-one to clients who need to learn email, Vista, Linux, and Macintosh. Extra help for the matriculating student is also at your fingertips. Tutors of all grades and subjects are happy bring students to the next level. Training in proven study skills is included.

Gift Giving Our researchers provide lists of sophisticated and insightful gifts to our clients. Once the perfect gift is chosen, we purchase, wrap, and ship the gifts as needed. This is useful for large families, office staffs, and sensitive relationships.

Entertainment Tickets to plays, concerts, games, and shows can be acquired with adequate notice. Don't hesitate to ask for any event. If the client desires, they may receive calls when preferred activities become available to us.

Rentals and Charters Mansions, sports cars, yachts, and private jets can all be acquired through your personal concierge. Just tell them where, when, and the duration. It will be arranged will minimum disturbance to the client.

Lifestyle Management This comprehensive plan steers clients towards the finer things in life. It organizes their daily schedule. It maintains the home, car, and property. It navigates their path through high society. It refines their conduct to a higher level of etiquette. Lifestyle management is used by families who have the wealth to live comfortably but not the experience.

Lottery Winner Support Services A team of professionals has been assembled to guide your spending in the most fulfilling and shrewd manner. Our experience with vast wealth will put the money to work earning more, acquire goods from the best vendors, and steer it away from common pitfalls. Trusts are prepared for your family. Fixed income investments create a steady stream of "walking around" money. Insurance is secured to prepare for disasters. Investment opportunities are screened for environmental sustainability and rate of return.

Gourmet Club Gatherings of friends who enjoy fine dining in the comfort of their own home. Once a month, one family opens their home as the setting for the gourmet dinner. Each guest couple prepares a dish from one country's heritage. The goal is to enjoy superior cooking in the company of your peers while exploring the tastes of a foreign country. It's a sublime haven of the refined palette.

Hurricane Prep The work necessary to safeguard one's home for a natural disaster can be overwhelming. We contract with local professionals to seal your property for the horrendous wind and rain. We also make arrangements to paint galvanized window shutters.
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Stratford Concierge Personal Concierge service We are a personal concierge and lifestyle management company in south Florida. We serve Lee, Collier, and Dade counties. A personal concierge is a sophisticated personal assistant that handles all your affairs and returns precious free time to you. If you can't finish all the tasks on your