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OBAMACARE: Your new healthcare system PDF chart

wow. I'm impressed that somebody charted this out!

Wanna see how the system will work? Check this out!

I've attached it as well. I'm hopeful that it'll be helpful, but boy, if you ever want to know why it takes so long to do things in govt (whether local, state or federal), this'll help make it crystal clear. -Ken


Obamacare PDF Chart of Healthcare System 910,622 bytes, 1,099 downloads
edited by Udut, Kenneth on Aug. 9 2010 · Zoom
This chart was prepared by Congressman Kevin Brady and was hosted on the IRS website. Is it official? I don't know, but it's amazing just the same. Still, I suspect the current healthcare system is just about a convuluted.
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Udut, Kenneth on Aug. 9 2010 edit · delete
I'm such a dummy. I didn't realize this was a political chart - I honestly thought it was a chart to be helpful in understanding the new system.

Healthcare is confusing, whether it was in 1960, 1980, 2000, 2010 - if anybody was to chart other time periods, they'd probably find themselves with a chart that's not so terribly different than this one. I got fooled by a misleading Google search result - it said,

"[PDF] ObamaCare - Secretary IRS File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Other New. Bureaucracies. 22. งง1412, 3509, 5101,. 10104, 10221,. 10334, 10413,. 10501. Other New. Demonstrati..."

so I thought it came from the IRS. Duh, I didn't look at the link to the website it came from. Still, politics aside, I'll leave it here because it's still interesting to look at, even if it's unnecessarily complex as most of it probably won't apply to most situations most of the time. -Ken
 on Jul. 4 2012 edit · delete
Given my experiences in the military and working with the goverment and dept of energy. I would expect this to be the best case scenario. I hope its not this bad, but I have been told to expect the VA system to become world class as the private sector becomes worse. I think that is kind of like someone looking good, because they are standing next to someone ugly as hell.
OBAMACARE: Your new healthcare system PDF chart wow. I'm impressed that somebody charted this out!