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A Glimpse on the Top Services & Specialties of Bristol Healthcare Services


A Glimpse on the Top Services & Specialties of Bristol Healthcare Services

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1888 Press Release - Bristol Healthcare Services is a premier offshore medical billing and coding organization. With a mission of providing top notch medical billing services to generate maximum revenue for the client and a vision to sustain our reputation, we strive hard to not only just meet, but exceed our client's expectations.

Nowadays, most of the physicians are opting for offshore medical billing and coding companies to perform their medical billing and coding process of their patient's information and data rather than performing it within their healthcare organizations. This is beneficial for them in more than one ways and leads to an increase in revenue within a shorter turnaround time. Some of the main advantages of offshore medical coding are cost reduction and quick turnaround time. The healthcare providers do not need to spend on training their in-house staffs on the latest rules and regulations to stay updated. They can completely rely on the medical billing and coding firms to stay on top everything.

Bristol Healthcare Services is one of the leading medical billing and coding company that deals in revenue cycle management. We always deliver on our promise of providing high quality and optimal reimbursements for our clients. We clearly acknowledge our client's requirements and draft process plans that are matching their needs and demands. Our experience across multiple domains helps us to be on top of the latest updates and remain focused. Our ultimate aim is to increase reimbursements and decrease denials.

Bristol Healthcare Services has a set of quality features, which has made us a leader in this field and resulted in maintaining the position consistently.

o Highly trained and experienced, AHIMA and AAPC certified medical coders o Remote medical coders who are ready to adapt to changing procedures used by your organization o Onsite or remote coding services o Interim Health Information Management (HIM) services to provide effective leadership even during staffing shortages.

Services Provided Bristol Healthcare Services is one of the top medical coding outsourcing firms providing great deal of services that are most beneficial to the physicians and healthcare organizations.

1) Medical Billing Services At Bristol, we continually strive towards increasing the revenue for the healthcare firms and decrease unnecessary expenses. Cash flow is accelerated using our state-of-the-art infrastructure. We follow best practices that are supported by internal and external audit teams so as to ensure minimum denials. "We work hard to get your claims paid accurately on time"

The following are the medical billing services that are provided by us to ensure maximum claim reimbursements a. Encounter/ Super-Bill Designing We assist in updating all the existing forms with latest codes for various procedures and diagnosis or even help in creating a completely new and clean encounter form. An encounter form is the basic form in which the healthcare provider mentions all the diagnosis and procedures related to a patient. This form is in turn used by our billers to enter the respective charges.

b. Eligibility Verification/Pre-Authorization Insurance Verification Services is an important process that helps the healthcare organizations to make sure that claims are not denied by the insurance companies on the basis of "not covered" or "not eligible for the mentioned treatment" or any such scenarios. At Bristol, we make sure that the patients are all covered and eligible for the procedures, by conducting certain pre-authorization services. This in turn, would result in less number of claims being denied.

c. Patient Registration/ Demographics Entry We know the importance of patient data and ensure that complete data is captured, verified and entered into Electronic Health Records Software. We collect information about the patient, guarantor, insurance agency and employer to avoid any anomalies that may arise later. All the received information is entered into the software within 12-24 hours from the time of receiving.

d. Charges Entry This is the process where the actual claim is created for the respective procedures on any given date. Accurate charge entry is done in order to submit clean claims. We streamline all the data entry process of the healthcare companies in order to provide high quality data entry.

e. Electronics Claims Submission All received claims are electronically submitted within 24 hours. This improves the overall claim process time and reduces the expenses of claim submission by nearly 50%. When a claim is submitted electronically, we can immediately know if the claim status is confirmed or rejected. This leaves us with plenty of time in the unfortunate case of claims being rejected and lets us work on it.

f. Denials Management Our denials management team always works towards eliminating claim denials. However, in the rare occurrence of any denial cases, we follow effective principles of tracking, categorizing and analyzing to solve the issue and make changes to our existing procedures to avoid such denials in future.

g. Payment Posting This process denotes the end of the billing cycle where the payment records are entered into the billing management software. We post all payments to the respective accounts on the same day. We process all types of payments such as, paper explanation, electronic remittances and patient checks.

h. Account Receivables Management With our main focus on increasing your revenue, we have developed an innovative approach to work on the outstanding accounts. Our team of account receivable billers consistently follows up the claims and work on increasing the monthly collections for our clients. We have a wide experience in federal and state payer rules and with our established account receivables management assisting all medical coding and billing processes, the client can be assured that all claims will be quickly resolved.

i. Old AR Cleanup / Recovery Services We help you to settle all your unpaid claims and do follow ups without upsetting your workflow. This leads to additional revenue which the client would have thought can never be collected. We have a strong team to perform such recovery practices that strongly follow up with the insurance providers and resolve the claims.

j. Patient Billing and Statements At Bristol, we provide patient billing solutions in a comprehensive manner. These statements are generated every 15 days to ensure swift payments.

k. Reporting Our medical billing reports provide you with a complete idea of our performances. Based on our reports, clients will be able to make required changes to receive optimal reimbursements. We also report on the changing trends and make sure the client is updated with the changes. All our reports are client specific and modified based on their requirements. These reports are usually sent on monthly basis, however, specific reports are also sent if the client demands.


2) Medical Coding Services Medical coding is an important process in the healthcare industry that ensures optimal revenue and minimizes risk. Bristol Healthcare Services is an offshore medical coding firm that provides high quality medical coding services. We provide completely cost effective solutions so that the revenue is increased and expense is decreased. Our medical coders are AHIMA and AAPC certified and help to fulfill all requirements from the client. We provide standalone coding solutions as well as packages of coding and billing solutions. As a premier Medical coding company, we are fully prepared for the ICD-10 transition and have taken measures to make sure the client's cash flow is not disturbed during this phase. Our coding processes are completely safe and secured with 128 bit SSL encryption.

3) Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) The process of RCM starts from pre-visit and ends when the complete claim reimbursement has been accounted into the system. BristolHCS being a medical coding offshore company understands that efficiency and time management play huge roles in RCM. We strictly adhere to the process workflow and ensure optimal reimbursement. With the right mix of experienced staffs and latest technologies, we can provide you with the best RCM solutions. Our RCM system will revolutionize your performance and optimize your revenues.

4) Medical Legal Services Bristol Healthcare Services also offers high quality medical legal services at affordable cost. With a team of efficient physicians and lawyers, we ensure that all aspects of the documents are reported. With our services, it is easily possible to resolve all claims in an efficient manner within a short turnaround time. Our services cover personal injuries, medical malpractices, worker compensation etc..,

Bristol Healthcare Services, as an efficient Medical Coding Outsourcing organization also has experience handling multi-specialties. With a set of professionally trained staffs, we understand the specialty requirements and perform all billing and coding activities efficiently. A list of our specialties is mentioned below

• Ambulance Billing • Ambulatory Surgery • Anesthsiology • Cardiology • Chiropractics • Critical care • Dermatology • DME • Emergency Medicine • Evaluation & Management • Endocrinology • ENT • Family Practice • Gastroenterology • Infectious disease • Inpatient Surgery • Internal Medicine • Neurology • Nephrology • OB - GYN • Occupational Therapy • Oncology • Ophthalmology • Orthopedics • Podiatry • Psychiatry • Pain Management • General Medicine "Our goal is to achieve quick, full reimbursement for all your claims."

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A Glimpse on the Top Services & Specialties of Bristol Healthcare Services
 1888 Press Release - Bristol Healthcare Services is a premier offshore medical billing and coding organization. With a mission of providing top notch medical billing services to generate maximum revenue for the client and a vision to sustain our reputation, we strive hard to not only just meet, but exceed our client's expectations.