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Could the worry of water leaks be a thing of the past?


Could the worry of water leaks be a thing of the past?

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Your Home Watch Professionals recommends Aqua Latch, a leak detection auto dialer system, to any homeowner with indoor plumbing, especially seasonal residents who leave their homes for months at a time.

You’re away from home on vacation and your toilet decides to start leaking; there’s water slowly dripping on the floor. Little by little, the situation worsens as neighbors below start to see water stains on their ceiling. Is water damage a worry for most homeowners for landlords? It seems to be a bigger worry after the damage is already done.

Water problems are not pretty in any instance and left unattended can cause major damage to any property. So, what do you do besides worry about the problem? According to Diane Westphal, founder of Your Home Watch Professionals, property owners can use a solution that she has found to finally relieve these worries. It is the Aqua Latch Leak Detection System and it is being discovered by many local condo and association managers, as well as, seasonal residents and business owners.

The system works with wireless sensor units, smaller than a deck of cards, which are placed at water sources like sinks, toilets, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners, washing machines and other water driven appliances. When water touches the sensor it sends a signal and shuts off the valve on the main water supply line. The auto dialer calls up to six people on the homeowner’s emergency phone list to advise them there is a water emergency.

“I have been familiar with Aqua Latch for several years. One of the high rises, where we have several home watch accounts, had the system installed throughout the entire building. We have seen it work and save home owners lots of money in repairs. We have worked closely with the president of Aqua Latch and find him to be very innovative on the technical side and extremely receptive to the needs of the customer,” said Westphal. “We were so impressed that we are now a distributor and the exclusive home watch or property management company authorized to sell and install the system.”

Westphal says everyone has a water leak story and hers happened when she lived in Indiana. She ran a short errand that took less than 20 minutes, when she arrived back home she saw water running down the street. She soon realized it was coming from her garage – originating from the laundry room. The washing machine hose had split and the gushing water had flooded the entire basement. In a matter of minutes, the water had caused damage that exceeded $5000. Westphal said it can happen so quickly and that’s the worry factor for most people.

“It’s my job to watch for these types of problems for my clients, however, water leaks can happen so fast that even if you have someone checking on your home or condo every day water can do a lot of damage in a very short period, just like it did in my own home. Things you just never think about happen… like icemaker supply lines which often burst causing lots of issues,” says Westphal. “I recently made a home watch visit and heard a noise upstairs. The water heater, in the attic, rusted through and the dirty water was pouring through the ceiling. That was mess that could have been avoided with Aqua Latch. We are confident this will save our clients thousands of dollars in repairing damage caused by water leaks.”

Westphal has countless stories about water intrusion. Some are due to aging appliances and others are human error. Even if you try to watch out for everything there could be a instance like one that happened in a beachfront high-rise, painters were trying to be careful by covering the wet bar area with a drop cloth. Little did they know that when they draped the covering it shifted the faucet handle enough to cause a small drip. The drain was closed and eventually the sink overflowed, flooded the condo and the neighbors several floors below. Even the most minimal water damage can cost thousands. Imagine if no one finds it for weeks or months and mold grows, it could potentially cost tens of thousands.

“To me, the biggest issue is the heartbreak. I have clients who experienced water damage so severe that it took almost a year to repair their condo. The perfect client for Aqua Latch is anyone with indoor plumbing,” says Westphal, with a smile. “Your Home Watch Professionals is dedicated to serving the seasonal resident in every way possible, so offering them Aqua Latch as a solution just makes sense to us.”

The cost of the system is determined by the number of sensors needed and is usually less than the insurance deductable on most policies. And, according to the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, 37% of homeowners have reported water related damage. When people think of flood damage they typically believe it is due to weather related scenarios. Yet, according to Safeco Insurance, 92% of the problems are due to appliance and plumbing failures.

Your Home Watch Professionals, serving Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, continues to gain market share on a consistent basis due to their established industry standards and practices. More information about the company or the Aqua Latch Leak Detection System can be found online at or by calling 239-707-4296.
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Could the worry of water leaks be a thing of the past? Your Home Watch Professionals recommends Aqua Latch, a leak detection auto dialer system, to any homeowner with indoor plumbing, especially seasonal residents who leave their homes for months at a time.