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Highlands Oncology Group Conducting Phase 1 Testing


Highlands Oncology Group Conducting Phase 1 Testing

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Highlands Oncology Group (H.O.G.) is offering Phase 1 oncology testing, in addition to Phases 2-4. H.O.G. is the only site in Arkansas to offer this service.

Fayetteville, AR - Highlands Oncology Group is pleased to announce that they offer Phase 1 oncology testing. As the only medical site in Arkansas to offer these groundbreaking and pioneering trials, H.O.G. is leading the way as the premiere oncology patient services and research center available. Looking to deliver on its promise to provide nothing but the most complete and comprehensive cancer care services, Highlands Oncology Group offers not only cooperative group clinical trials, but pharmaceutical trials as well. Current ongoing trials include chemotherapy, vaccine, immunotherapy, and trials using targeted agents.

Clinical trials are simply research studies that involve people. They are the final step in a long and exhaustive process that includes lab research and animal testing. Most involve answering questions about new medications or vaccines, new surgical procedures and radiation therapies, or new approaches to treatment combinations. All are trying to find new ways to treat cancer, find and diagnose cancer, prevent cancer, or manage cancer’s symptoms. Most of modern day cancer treatment techniques started off as clinical trials, and today’s clinical trials could be the treatments of tomorrow.

The goal of a Phase 1trial is to prove that a drug that has been proven to be safe in animals is also safe to be used in humans. Those involved in Phase 1 trials are most often one of the first groups of people to receive this new therapy or combination of therapies. Highlands Oncology Group patients whose cancers have not responded to other treatments can be offered the opportunity to participate in one of our ongoing Phase 1 trials. “We are very proud to be the only place in Arkansas to offer these community trials. We want to offer our patients every opportunity they can possibly get,” Highlands Oncology Group spokesperson stated. “Here at H.O.G. we strive to offer the most comprehensive cancer treatment services. From our team of highly decorated doctors, to the caring and professional staff, we are committed to the quality and dignity of life and your well-being. These Phase 1 trials will hopefully lead to groundbreaking new treatments and are an important step in the process of our continual search for a cure. We wanted to give our patients an opportunity to participate in that.”

Dr. T. Thaddeus Beck, Dr. Daniel Bradford and Dr. Malcolm Hayward started the Highlands Oncology Group practice in June of 1996. H.O.G. is committed to the idea of providing not only comprehensive care that is coordinated and developed by competent cancer care providers, but also providing highly competent health professionals who will pay attention to unique needs and circumstances as well. Their patients receive access to the most appropriate treatment plans available and quality cancer care that is culturally competent, ethical, and cost-effective.

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Highlands Oncology Group Conducting Phase 1 Testing Highlands Oncology Group (H.O.G.) is offering Phase 1 oncology testing, in addition to Phases 2-4. H.O.G. is the only site in Arkansas to offer this service.