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Bellydance Basics with Saphira Storm

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Saphira Storm -- on Jul. 4 2012

Here is the gentle, playful, EXCITING welcome to the world of bellydance that you've been waiting for!

Jul. 20 2012

Get ready to learn the expressive art while getting an incredibly toning, low-impact workout! Join us for Saphira's AWESOME beginner class! Drop-ins always welcome! Space is limited, though, so arrive early!

Are you looking for a fun and sexy way to tone your body? Here is the answer! Belly dance will help transform your physique no matter your shape, age, or fitness level. Gain flexibility, strength, tone and feel “delicious” while shimmying and having a great time! Bellydance also works many areas of the body besides the "belly" itself. We sweat, we dance...and we laugh A LOT!

This class is geared towards basic beginners who have never taken a bellydance class before, as well as newer dancers who have only taken a few previous classes. The emphasis will be on fun and learning something new about yourself! No matter what your body shape, age, or personality - you will look and feel great!

“Bellydancing is the most interesting dance style I've ever been involved with, but what makes it so wonderful is that it is a style that invites all types of women to join in! I've seen women in their 60's WOW the crowds at festivals, and big, beautiful women win competitions. I've seen thin, tall, short, novice, advanced, young, elderly, whatever....I've seen it all. And each and every woman is applauded and supported in this style. It is truly wonderful!”

What should you wear? Students normally wear yoga style pants and any top you feel comfortable in! Any top that allows me to see your movement is perfect. (No need to show your belly if you're not comfortable. In fact, most women don't.)

Who? Saphira Storm ~(239) 304-6612~

When? 5:30-6:30pm-Every Friday evening

Where? Sweetgrass & Sage 3816 Exchange Avenue, Naples, FL 34104

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Bellydance Basics with Saphira Storm Here is the gentle, playful, EXCITING welcome to the world of bellydance that you've been waiting for!