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V-Extender – The Safe Penis Extender


V-Extender – The Safe Penis Extender

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There is no shortage of penis enlarger products out there, but most of them don’t work or worse, not safe to use at all

December 25, 2012 - There is no shortage of penis enlarger products out there, but most of them don’t work or worse, not safe to use at all. With V-Extender though, girth and length will be added to your penis permanently, and it is guaranteed safe to use as well.

The V-Extender picks up where the vacuum developers and extenders leave off. Vacuum developers will only add girth while an extender will only add length, but with the V-Extender though, you get both. Not only are extra inches added to your penis but your erection will be 100% hard, leading to longer, more enjoyable sex. The increased blood flow also boosts your sexual appetite as well.

This penis enlargement is very easy to use. After applying a small amount of lubricant on your penis, place it in the flask. Press the pump and the extender will do the rest. The V-Extender will now pull your suspensory ligament, something that used to be available only in surgical procedures. As the ligament is increased, the additional length within your penis will show up.

Not only is the penis lengthening permanent, but it is more affordable than buying a separate vacuum developer and extender. In addition, air is released more evenly inside the cylinder, keeping the penis glans safe. It is also superior to a regular penis extender because your shaft is held inside the sleeve, therefore not causing any discomfort.

The V-Extender website explains in detail how the product works, complete with illustrations, and the “Before and After” link has images proving the V-Extender does work. The site also has information concerning the history of penis extenders, why they are so popular and what makes the V-Extender superior to other penis enlargement products in the market. There is also a useful link explaining what curvature of the penis is, its causes and how the condition is treated.

There are also links on the V-Extender website explaining how penis length and girth helps boost a man’s sexual confidence, and how the Extender can boost this no matter what the length of your penis is right now.

The V-Extender package includes a lubricant tube, the unit enlargement pump, travel bag, instructions and access to online help. The Optional Extras link allows you to buy a larger outer flask or a smaller internal sleeve. The larger outer flask is for those whose penis length is greater than 6 ½ inches, while the smaller internal sleeve is for penis girths of less than 4.7 inches.

The V-Extender comes with a 6 month (180-day) money back guarantee, so there is no risk when you order.

About V-Extender

V-Extender is the only penis enlargement pump that has been proven and tested to add length and girth to your penis. The V-Extender is not just safe to use, but combines the features of standard extenders and vacuum developers. For more information please visit

Contact Details:


Contact Details:- James Becker 3404 Heritage Road Terra Bella, CA 93270
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V-Extender – The Safe Penis Extender There is no shortage of penis enlarger products out there, but most of them don’t work or worse, not safe to use at all