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Truman Associates Offers Services For Business Insurance Claims


Truman Associates Offers Services For Business Insurance Claims

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When it comes to insurance, businesses face a different landscape to the domestic user.

United Kingdom 8th Feb 2013 - When it comes to insurance, businesses face a different landscape to the domestic user. A commercial organisation is more likely to confront loss or damage to its property sometime in its life span. However, when making a legitimate insurance claim to cover these losses, it may seem as though you are doing something wrong – as a claimant you are subject to a good deal of probing and investigation that stops your business from getting back to work.

You may, quite reasonably, set your team to work cleaning up after a fire or flood – without knowing that you can bring in a professional cleaning company to do it for you and claim for the cost. Or you may simply accept that the cause of damage to your premises really wasn't classed as a storm, it was only wind – so you aren't covered. Businesses throughout the UK make these same mistakes all the time, so you are not alone.

This is when you could do with someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of insurance, someone who can deal with the insurance claim for you, someone who knows the jargon in an insurance certificate and can beat the insurance company at their own game.

Insurance loss assessors Truman Associates do just that. And nothing else. They have been working on behalf of domestic and business insurance claimants in the UK for more than 25 years, and what they don't know about filing an insurance claim really isn't worth knowing. They offer truly expert services and advice on how to make an insurance claim in the most efficient and expedient way possible. They do NOT work for an insurance company – they work entirely for YOU.

Truman Associates is one of the UK's most respected firms of insurance loss assessors. What sets them apart from others in the field is their dedication to client satisfaction, as well as the unparalleled expertise and knowledge that each insurance assessor on their team possesses. Having been industry leaders for many years, their services have become a standard in themselves, setting the benchmark for quality and effectiveness for other loss assessors to follow.

“Any business can find itself suffering from loss or damage of property through fire, theft, storm or flood - and the time spent clearing up the mess and returning to normal trading is just one of the expenses incurred. So long as it can be shown to be a requirement on the road back to normal trading, your business interruption cover should be there to help you - if you know how to use it. We can give you advice to follow in the period after the incident; tips such as paying an outside contractor to do the clean up so you can reclaim the expense more easily - infinitely preferable to asking your own team to do it. If disaster strikes your business, the consequences can be devastating. Dealing with your business insurance claim is often a tricky business, but the insurance loss assessors from Truman Associates can save you thousands!” said Ray Truman, Managing Director of Truman Associates.

You can find out more, and contact them direct through their website. You can also read testimonials from businesses who have successfully reclaimed thousands of pounds from availing themselves of their services. For more information about Truman Associates, or to get in touch with them for insurance claim advice, please visit their website at

About The Company

Truman Associates is a firm of Loss Assessors with more than 25 years' experience of handling insurance claims on behalf of claimants. They do not work for insurance companies. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For specialist help with an insurance claim for theft or for damage caused to your home or business by fire, flood, or other disasters, Truman Associates is the name you can trust.

Contact Information

Truman Associates

Curtis House

34 Third Avenue

Hove, E. Sussex,BN3 2PD

Phone: 0800 542 1616, 01273 220 555


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Truman Associates Offers Services For Business Insurance Claims When it comes to insurance, businesses face a different landscape to the domestic user.