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Overcome geographical challenges and learn Quran online abroad


Overcome geographical challenges and learn Quran online abroad

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“Quoted from the Quran, "The most superior among Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it."

March 21, 2013 (Commerce, GA) Quoted from the Quran, "The most superior among Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it." Today, the literacy rate of the Muslims around the globe is the lowest. Muslim children face many challenges while learning Quran and Islam in the West. There are only a few Muslim Schools in the West. This is because Islamic schools are not financially feasible in the thin Muslim population of the western society. Moreover, only a few trained Muslim tutors are available. It is also difficult to find a Quran tutor nearby living in the area nearly or organize Quran class. The parents have no other options than send their children to Weekend Islamic schools or give them education at home. Learn Quran online Teaching Quran and Islamic studies to kids and families living in non-Muslim Countries have therefore proved to be quite challenging. Previously it used to be nay impossible to take a Quran Class in the west from a tutor living in an Islamic country in the east. Thanks to the latest technology lifestyle of the conservative Islamic community has changed. The concept of learn Quran online has made it possible for everyone to take Quran lessons from any part of the world through internet. Currently, many Quran academy are in the process of arranging a trained tutor who would give online Quran lesson to kids and other family members. These academies are helping the Islamic community to learn Quran online which include many Quran courses so that the kids can read the Quran with a correctly and understand the basics of Islam. Also parents get a satisfaction that their children are learning about the Holy Quran through this online way of teaching. Learning Quran online is easy Learning Quran online is easier because the process only requires a personal computer, a microphone and an internet connection, things that are present in every house in this age of computerization. Every academy uses Quran Skype software to teach Holy Quran and other Arabic lessons online. Qualified Quran tutors from several countries teach Quran with correct pronunciation. To learn Quran online at home, you just need to have a computer, headphone, microphone with internet connection and webcams occasionally. Any other software or hardware procedure required to get started with learning Quran will be guided by the academy itself. Experienced tutors help build the powerful foundation of the students by taking interesting one to one classes. Benefits of Learning Online First of all, today’s kids love technology. He or She will never be bore of studying online. The children would surely take the class at home. Therefore the parents won’t be any tension of sending their kids someplace unknown to take the class. The parents can monitor how good the tutors are taking their classes and the involvement of the kid. It helps the parents in evaluating how far their kids are improving as well as judge the quality of teaching. Every academy has a number of qualified tutors dedicated to help children learn Quran online. They try to provide the best suited tutor for every kid. Parents with girl child can also opt for female tutors.

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Overcome geographical challenges and learn Quran online abroad “Quoted from the Quran,