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Gilbert’s Most Reputable Gold Buyer Is Now Buying Silver, Platinum & Diamond Jewelry Instead Of Gold Alone

Gilbert, Arizona, May 22, 2013 – Gilbert’s gold owners are no longer limited to selling gold alone to Gilbert Gold because the gold buyer company is now buying silver, platinum & diamond jewelry as well, thereby, increasing gold owners’ profit opportunity.

With the company’s shining reputation as the only gold buyer in Gilbert, Arizona that offers honest and unbiased prices, they have decided to expand their gold-buying services to silver, diamonds, platinum, and other precious stones and metals. This allows gold owners and precious stone collectors to make money out of their prized possessions instead of merely disposing them.

According to Gilbert Gold, they are not only buying silver, platinum & diamond jewelry, etc. but they are also buying all these precious stones for top dollar. “We offer Gilbert residents and collectors unbeatable prices on gold, silver, platinum and diamond plus free consultations with regards to buying and selling of gold and silver. All you need to do is visit our website because we have provided a lot of valuable information as well as the current price of these metals.”

In addition to buying silver, platinum & diamond jewelry, for top dollar, Gilbert Gold is also willing to pay fast cash for gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, etc. When asked why Gilbert residents should sell their precious stone and metal collections to them, Gilbert Gold stated on their website, “Our business is fully licensed and our A+ rating is one of the reasons why you should bring us your platinum jewelry that you want to dispose of while at the same time getting the best price on them.”

The best thing about selling gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc. to Gilbert Gold according to their website is because, “We use certified scales while trying to determine the weight of your gold and diamond jewelry and provide you with up to 7 days to think about the offer we have provided you with. You do not have to worry about appraisals since we will do it for you at no extra cost.”

Now is the best time to sell gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones and metals because prices are on the rise. You can take advantage of the best prices for your precious stones and metals when you sell them to Gilbert Gold now.

About Gilbert Gold:

Gilbert Gold is a fully licensed and highly rated gold buyer company based in Gilbert, Arizona. This is a family-owned business so the company value honesty and integrity. This company exists to offer ways and means for Gilbert residents and collectors to earn extra income whether for personal income purposes or for the purpose of buying another set of jewelry and precious stones. Gilbert Gold is also a highly reviewed company considering the fact that they have garnered numerous referrals and testimonials with regards to their services and their prices. In fact, majority of sellers in Gilbert, Arizona deem Gilbert Gold as the best paying among all dealers and gold buyers. Gilbert Gold can also be found in Tempe, Central Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale and West Valley and they entertain online visitors or walk-in visitors. Visit us today and get paid top dollar for your precious metals and stones. Or you can click here to sell your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc. now.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Gilbert Gold

Author: Charlie Stratesburgh Full Contact Details: Gilbert Gold 1073 East Baseline Rd #109 Gilbert, Az 85233 phone: 4807794247 Email:
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GILBERT GOLD ADVANCES TO BUYING SILVER, PLATINUM & DIAMOND JEWELRY Gilbert’s Most Reputable Gold Buyer Is Now Buying Silver, Platinum & Diamond Jewelry Instead Of Gold Alone