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Announcement: Lords Leather is Offering Custom Leather Biker Jackets


Announcement: Lords Leather is Offering Custom Leather Biker Jackets

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Lords Leather,a Leading Manufacturer of Leather Jackets, Is Now Offering Custom Leather Biker Jackets

Pakistan, May 25, 2013 - When it comes to leather, one company knows this fine material inside and out, and it shows with their fashion of their leather apparel. Lords Leather is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of leather biking attire. They make leather jackets for the everyday wearer of all ages to the professional biker.

This company offers fine leather fashion jackets for both men and women. Some pieces can include bomber jackets for men in black and brown. Individuals can also get replica movie jackets inspired by such great movies as Captain America, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Fight club, and the famous red white and blue Evil Knievel jacket. These jackets are made with care and only the finest leather materials.

When it comes to the women’s leather jacket, they can offer different styles such as the Formula 1 Gulf GP jacket. This lightweight jacket is made from soft leather, has a polyester lining, and detailed retro stripes on the chest. It has a front zip with zippered cuffs and an inner lining. Other styles can also include the Ladies Top Bike Motorcycle Safety jacket and a Ladies Yellow Bomber jacket that comes with a unique style of one inner pocket and 5 outer pockets. If yellow is not a good color, the customer can simply choose another of the various colors they offer.

Now, Lords of Leather is offering custom biker jackets. Customers can also order accessories like matching leather gloves too. Every biker knows his protective gear is important and one of the main items it the jacket. This piece must stand up to all the movement that is required as well as the roughness endured throughout this sport. These riding jackets are made with 100 % cowhide with 1.1-1.3 mm thickness to provide the necessary protection and tear resistance. Customers can get a connecting zipper to allow attachment of trousers which is a unique and handy feature. These jackets are offered in multiple color choices with any design theme such as Yamaha, Fiat, Ducati, and many others. Customers can choose the design and make it a one of a kind jacket or design a team logo, the choice is theirs. Check out their website and see all the varieties that are available.

If leather jackets are something you enjoy, you can find all varieties of styles and more at Lords Leather. They know when it comes to making fine leather jackets; they are the name you can trust. You get each item made out of 100% leather, custom fitted, and custom design, made with fine stitching. They believe in the quality they offer in each and every piece that they guarantee it with a 100% money back guarantee. They can make any leather jacket to fit not only men’s and ladies, but all ages and sizes. You will have a great leather jacket, custom made just for you, letting you feel great as well as looking classy and stylish. Go online and check out Lords Leather’s website today and find the right jacket that you deserve to look good in.

About Lords Leather -

Lords Leather is a leather jacket company who are experts in their field. They have a large amount of experience with manufacturing leather garments and are committed to making their customers happy.

Company Contact: 2154, street 34, I-10-2 Islamabad. Pakistan Company Email: Company Phone: +92 333 5269583
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Announcement: Lords Leather is Offering Custom Leather Biker Jackets Lords Leather,a Leading Manufacturer of Leather Jackets, Is Now Offering Custom Leather Biker Jackets