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Joseph Paul Fragrance Releases New Line of Elegant Candles


Joseph Paul Fragrance Releases New Line of Elegant Candles

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"Joseph Paul Fragrance is the manufacturer of all the fine luxury fragrance products that they offer. "

United States , 12th July 2013 - Seeing the rising popularity of luxury candles and the new scents and designs of the product available in the market today, Joseph Paul Fragrance has just released a new line of scented candles with luxurious packaging and upscale design. In fact, these colorful designer candles have already become some of the most popular candles on the market.

This new line of candles, designed by company owner, Joseph Paul, includes a selection of soy wax candles which have attractive designs and wonderful scents. Paul has been creating beautiful candles with unique scents for over a decade. After designing candles for some major companies, he started Joseph Paul Fragrance as his own establishment. With this recent release, the company is now becoming the most known name in the market. Joseph Paul Fragrance is known for enhancing their inventory with new designer candles and scents regularly and offering their customers sophisticated products.

Joseph Paul Fragrances concentrates mainly on creating unique scents for their candles. They have their own experts who work with the company to create fragrances using 100% green ingredients. They maintain the same for their candles too. This has earned them a huge base of loyal customers who trust Joseph Paul Fragrance when buying luxurious candles and other products to fill their home with great fragrances. Both commercial and residential users enjoy the candles created by Joseph Paul. The company is a certified establishment that makes and sells a variety of scented candles.

What always motivates Joseph Paul the most are fragrances. He has always had this dream of making scented candles. This is why he left his comfortable job and started a company to do so. For a very long time he made candles for other companies. Today, he is the owner of Joseph Paul Fragrance and he sells candles that are designed exclusively by him.

To learn more about the scented candles and other products they offer, please visit their website at .

About The Company

Joseph Paul Fragrance is the manufacturer of all the fine luxury fragrance products that they offer. All fragrance products are made in the U.S.A. They specialize in fragrance, scented soy candles, palm wax pillar candles, reed diffusers, perfume, cologne, and bath and body products. All of their products are available wholesale to qualified retailers and salons.

Contact Information

Joseph Paul Fragrance

Address: 5, Water Street

South River, NJ

08882 , United States

Phone: 718-874-9194



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Joseph Paul Fragrance Releases New Line of Elegant Candles