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WILMINGTON, Del. -- eDion Marketing LLC, an Internet marketing company based out of Delaware, has announced that they are launching new information and review website that will feature useful information on caring and maintenance of healthy hair from various hair experts-turned-authors. It also features seveal reputable hair care and hair restoration products. The new website can be found at Hair related products have gone up in sales owing to the fact that more people are suffering from hair related troubles like hair loss or balding for men, hair breakage or hair thinning for women and scalp issues in youths. There is a trend that these same group of hair sufferers are going natural with their hair treatment. The launch of online is opening the channel to discover new natural methods of hair care and rapidly expanding the information bank of the industry. “The goal of this website is to give interested customers the convenience to be able to find the information they want about various outstanding hair related products put out by Clickbank, Amazon and others,” said Dion Walterstone, founder. “These items are very popular and so we have setup this product introduction and review website that is also an affiliate site.” In short, is created as an online portal where readers can get introduced and educated about hair care, as well as, get advice on natural hair loss treatment. Hair care may sound familiar and old school, but there are new methods being slowly developed to counter modern hair problems. They also wanted to point out that his company is in no way a part of the featured hair products or hair loss solutions on review. It was added that this is strictly a review site setup to refer potential, interested customers to the product(s). It was also pointed out that the featured hair restoration e-guide illustrated the natural way to regrow hair, which was a unique proposition without the surgery and medication. The website plans to feature each particular item in the niche and unique area of the hair industry: hair regrow and natural hair care products. The website showcases and reviews some of the best electronic guides and physical hair care products. The coverage is extremely wide and wild, including hair treatment for men and women of all ages and conditions. Product price ranges from under $10 to over $200. It includes reputable and reliable brands from A to Z. While this site is still new and at its infancy, Dion intends to grow it in the future and provides the number one resource for hair restoration, hair growth remedies and natural hair care. User interaction and engagement through social media encourages readers of a place to share and exchange vital experiences, to post questions and submit comments on all of the site articles and resource pages. About The Company is a valuable and extensive resource offering the most informative and educational database about hair restoration and health hair care. It is continuously updated and supplied with the latest updates about hair regrowth techniques and how troubled hair victims can gather and share information.

To find out more answers to questions on details on restoration hair or caring for the healthy hair the natural way, visit to drop a note to the support staff.

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