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Trevica – Your Payment Processing Solutions Partner


Trevica – Your Payment Processing Solutions Partner

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One of the keys to establishing customer trust and loyalty is an effective mobile payments solution, and that is what provides.

August 30, 2013 One of the keys to establishing customer trust and loyalty is an effective mobile payments solution, and that is what provides. Wholly owned by MasterCard, the company will take care of all your processing needs by offering tailor made solutions to help your business, be it financial or non-financial, to grow.

The company’s issuing processing solutions include full and partial outsourcing of services, dispute management as well as more intricate solutions for managing prepaid cards, debit cards and credit cards. Trevica also specializes in data preparation, credit authorization and they also have a fraud monitoring service as well as extensive back office support.

The company supports a variety of payment schemes and can issue cards for them, not to mention support new products like multi-application hybrid cards, display cards and contactless cards among others. In addition to their payment processing solutions the company is always ready to adapt to your needs and provide customized packages and keep time to market short. With their team of experts overseeing operations, you are guaranteed guidance and assistance if you have any inquiries. also provides a TSM solution that ensures NFC payment security by transmitting card data to an external MicroSD card, SIM card or other means, and moreover the company offers NFC service eligibility control, key management, card life cycle management and OTA (over the air) provisioning, so no matter what payment scheme you choose, you are guaranteed a quick marketing solution. also provides a portal by which you can access their card personalization service, and their online interface can be customized depending on how deep the integration between their system and the existing bank customer service solution is.

As a leading service provider of mobile payments for operators you’ll be able to take advantage of their different modes to meet the needs of various clients and customers. With their highly adaptable services, can provide specific modes depending on how much they are involved in SIM loading and card content management. With simple mode, the TSM MNO performs application loading into SIM cards and card content management, while delegated mode includes TSM MNO pre-authorization and TSM SP application loading. With the third mode, authorized mode, management is exclusively assigned to TSM SP.

Being able to provide payment solutions is absolutely critical for businesses today, hence the need for a service that can provide solutions quickly and reliably. At this is exactly what you get and more.

About Trevica This is a company that specializes in payment processing solutions for mobile operators and banks. Offering customized and highly efficient payment methods, they take all the steps necessary to ensure your needs and objectives are met. For more information please go to

Contact Details:-

Henry B. Cooper 1629 Hurry Street Roanoke, VA 24011 Phone: 540-346-6132
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Trevica – Your Payment Processing Solutions Partner  One of the keys to establishing customer trust and loyalty is an effective mobile payments solution, and that is what provides.