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Coffee protects against oral cancer


Coffee protects against oral cancer

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A new study shows that coffee intake may decrease the chances of succumbing to oral cancer.

August 30th, 2013 ( - A new study shows that coffee intake may decrease the chances of succumbing to oral cancer. Coffee contains naturally-occurring antioxidants which are thought to have cancer-fighting patients. It is been receiving a lot of bad press over the years. It is a nervous system stimulant that causes sleep deprivation.

As found in the study, benefits of coffee go much beyond on increasing alertness and keeping you wide awake. A recent study conducted has revealed that drinking coffee can pave way to prevent cancer. The results demonstrated that the coffee is a protective mechanism that cuts down deaths due to oral cancer.

The study suggested that coffee plays a very important role in alleviating death risks due to oral cancer. Heavy coffee drinkers substantially diminish the risk of facing death from cancer of the mouth and throat. The researchers closely monitored approximately 968432 men and women and also considered whether they were drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee or tea during the study. Smoking and alcohol habits were also taken into consideration.

People, who consumed just a single cup of coffee daily, carried 26% lower risk of succumbing to mouth and throat cancer. While the death risk fell by 33% in people who consumed 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily. Participants who downed at least 4-6 cups of coffee everyday had a whopping 50% less chance of death from oral and throat cancer. Thus, their cancer death risk was reduced by half.

The study does point out an interesting association between cancer death risk and consumption of coffee. Higher the consumption of coffee, the lower is the death risk, independent of smoking and alcohol habits. Thus, the possibility of dying from oral cancer may reduce with the increase in the consumption of coffee.

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Coffee protects against oral cancer A new study shows that coffee intake may decrease the chances of succumbing to oral cancer.