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Know How to Paint a Car


Know How to Paint a Car

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How To Paint a Car

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Owning a car can be harsh at times. At some points, the car may demand you to spend quite some money on it for a certain reason. Painting the car is one of these points. Painting is a time taking and expensive project to be done on your car. Although things will actually be easier if you just leave your car painting project to garage service, the fact that it cost you a lot is an amazing discouragement. Because of that, you may think of doing it yourself. Know how things are done and you will be able to get your car painted with less cost.

Things will be needed
  • Air compressor
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Paint sprayer
  • Masking paper and tape
  • Hand sand paper comes with grits from 120 to 600, will be used for the prep till finished sanding
  • Power sander/air sander with sanding pads
  • Primer and primer fillers
  • Solvent to clean the car surface
  • Respirator or dusk mask as well as eye protector
  • Paint (polyurethane, enamel, or acrylic enamel) as well as its thinner, hardener and catalyst

Get Started Preparation - Before you can begin on applying the paint on your car, there are some preparation that you need to be done in order to get the best result of the painting project.
  • Find the workplace, the place where you will do the painting should have; electricity, good lighting, minimal dust, enough room to work around the vehicle, and good ventilation. You may think about using your garage for this. However that might not be a good idea since residential garage might have water heater or furnace which may ignite the paint fumes.
  • Repair and remove any dents and rust on your car surface. Do this part properly and it will ensure you to get a long last great looking paint job.
  • Sand the paint. Although in this part it is up to you on how much you will sand it, it is suggested that at least you do it to original primer. However as for the best result, sand the paint down to the level of bare metal is suggested.
  • Thoroughly clean the car surface to ensure that there is no oil on it. This can be done by using denatured alcohol or mineral spirits.
  • Cover the surfaces you don’t want to paint by using the masking paper and tape. Here, make sure that there is no opening on the covering you make, otherwise you will get unwanted painting on your car due to overspray.

Paint the Car – Now that you have done with the preparation, time to proceed to the painting part.
  • Apply the primer on the surface, especially those which you use body filler and remove rust from. Let it cure the surface thoroughly. In this case, some primers may also need to be redone.
  • Sand the primed surface by using sandpaper of 600 grits. Do the sanding till the surface is smooth enough, and be careful to not overdoing it to the point of exposing the metal again. During this process, dust or oil might be accumulated on the surface again. Clean it thoroughly using wax combined with acetone or grease remover.
  • Prepare the finish paint accordingly to the manufacturer’s direction. Make sure that you apply enough thinner to it not too much or too less, so it won’t break your equipment or giving lesser gloss.
  • Allow the paint to dry properly, each product may differ here. During this time of drying, you will also have to keep the surface free of dust.
  • Polish the paint by using rubbing compound to make the gloss more stand out. It is preferable to do this part by hand for the best result. However, using power polisher or buffing machine here is also okay. Still, you have to be careful to not misusing them since they might ruin the paint itself

Reading and following the instruction to do self car painting job above, you may still feel lost on how things are done. Well, that’s only natural, painting a car isn’t an easy thing that can be learned by solely reading guide. If you still have the passion to learn this, then a complete video guide on will be the perfect learning media for you.

Understanding how things are done through seeing the real job, nothing beats this way of learning. Hours of do it yourself car painting video guide are ready to assist you step-by-step. All the answer of car painting that you have never been able to find in any instruction on the internet can be found within the guide. That’s not all to it, the real things that this videos guide offers is the secret to quality paint job. It doesn’t matter you are an amateur or professional, the secret that lies here isn’t something you can find in anywhere else.

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Know How to Paint a Car How To Paint a Car