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What is Hip Osteoarthritis? Learn More about Symptoms, Causes and Treatments


What is Hip Osteoarthritis? Learn More about Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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The Arthritis Care And Treatment Online Magazine

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Among some types of osteoarthritis we have known so far, hip osteoarthritis is a very common one. While it is reported that older people have higher chances to suffer from this type of osteoarthritis, younger people can also suffer from this one. Those who suffer from this type of condition experience some common symptoms such as acute joint and also have trouble moving.

Hip Osteoarthritis Causes and Symptoms Hip osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis caused by aging, obesity and also overuse of joints. This form of arthritis is likely to occur after a breaking down of the cartilage and causes some local inflammation in the affected area. The major cause is due to traumatic injury to the fractures and hip. In most cases, the traumatic injury may be severe and occurs suddenly and is often associated with the overuse of joints. Those who have lots of activities or those who have activities for sporting purposes tend to have a higher risk to suffer from hip osteoarthritis. What are the symptoms? When it comes to symptoms, the most common symptom associated with this type of arthritis is hip pain. Other symptoms involved are stiffness, crackling, pain and also inflammation of the joint. Those who suffer from osteoarthritis might have a different experience, depending on the level of the pain, it may vary but is often described as aching, mild and throbbing. When the condition gets worse, it is possible that people might have a permanent loss of range of motion.

Treatments for Hip Osteoarthritis Fortunately, a permanent loss of range of motion can be avoided if patients receive treatments immediately. There are some treatment options but the most common one is to follow a weight loss program. Most doctors believe that obesity is the main cause of osteoarthritis thus for those who have weight problems, undergoing a diet plan will help them a lot. Hip pain relievers can also be used to reduce the pain. Aside from this one, doing some exercises is reported to be quite effective in curing patients with osteoarthritis. Other options are swimming, hip replacement surgery and other types of water exercises.

Using pain killers is no longer effective when the condition gets worse thus whenever you or one of your families has one or more symptoms described earlier, consulting with a doctor is a must. Keep in mind, if you are diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis and the condition gets worse, the best option to consider is to undergo hip replacement surgery. If you want to know more about arthritis and it's treatment, you should visit

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What is Hip Osteoarthritis? Learn More about Symptoms, Causes and Treatments The Arthritis Care And Treatment Online Magazine