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The Inherited Negativity An Indigenous Desperation


The Inherited Negativity An Indigenous Desperation

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The gene which plays significant role here is known as the ADRA2b gene.

25th October 2013 ( : Sulky expressions and brooding eyes-do you describe someone’s physiognomy in such words? Do you know someone who suddenly starts looking lugubrious when there is any untoward incident? Researchers have found that some people are naturally negatively inclined.

The gene which plays significant role here is known as the ADRA2b gene. In case of individuals where this gene is mutated, perception of emotional events becomes more intensive than others. More specifically, they can perceive negative stimuli more vividly than others.

The research group constituted of 200 volunteers. They were shown some word in quick succession. Some words were positive, some were negatively inclined and the remaining words were neutral. Those with ADRA2b gene variant identified negative words more likely than others. They were also inclined to detect potential hazard or angry faces in crowd more likely than others. Although this is important for survival, these people may fail to perceive positivity around them.

The research explained how the genetics influences a person’s perception. Those with ADRA2b gene variant perceive events through gene colored glasses. It would be interesting to study the way genetics influences how we see the world when combined with other factors like age, education and culture. An individual’s mood can also alter the results in positive or negative manner. Ethnicity factor is yet to be tested. Researchers expressed hope that this research will help to enhance our understanding of on genesis and neuroscience.

So next time, before blaming a person for being so sullen, makes sure they don’t have ADRA2b gene variant. Don’t bobble words like “Be Positive” in casual manner. Possibility is that they NEED it more deeply than you have “perceived”.

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The Inherited Negativity An Indigenous Desperation
 The gene which plays significant role here is known as the ADRA2b gene.