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Apollo Interiors Announces New Website


Apollo Interiors Announces New Website

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Apollo Interiors has had a complete overhaul and now welcomes its customers with a brand new website.

Apollo Interiors has had a complete overhaul and now welcomes its customers with a brand new website. The website, has already received numerous visitors since it has first opened. This increase in popularity is hoped to continue for a long time to come.

According to Sarah Bairns, spokesperson for the company, "We felt it was time to really bring something new to the market. Apollo Interior has been around for some time now and has built a fantastic reputation, but we felt our website didn't live up to that reputation at all. Thanks to 5OR6, who was responsible for the new design, we feel our website is now representative of our company."

As can be seen on, there are three main areas in which the company focuses. These are dental and medical office refurbishment, commercial interior and office refurbishment and residential and home refurbishment. Apollo has always focused on these three areas of work, but their previous website made it very difficult for customers to find their way around, almost forcing them to view elements of work that they perhaps weren't interested in.

Bairns added: "We have worked in these three areas for a long time, and hadn't really appreciated just how different they were. The reality is that a residential property developer probably doesn't want to see examples of dental offices we have refurbished. Through our new design, our customers can go straight to what matters to them."

The website looks incredibly sleek and modern. Each section has receive a color, which makes it easier for customers to see which section is suitable for them. Dental offices are green, commercial properties are blue and residential work is a dark yellow. The three colors put together have create the corporate colors of the company itself, bring a sense of unification throughout.

Susan Atkinson, administrative assistant at Apollo, is quoted: "We love it. As soon as you come to the website, you can see what the company is about, what we do and what we stand for. I don't have to explain to people anymore that Apollo works in different fields and that we do project management, interior design and construction work. All of that is completely clear."

Apollo has always tried their best to be with the times and their new website reflects this very well. The future is online, and a business has to make sure that their site is representative of what they stand for. It is felt that Apollo Interiors has really achieved this, as you can find out here. Do take the time to check them out, the site is a compliment to the designer 5OR6, but also to Apollo as a whole.

Contact Info:

Andrew Wright Apollo Interiors Ltd., AGB Building, Astwick Road, Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts SG5 4BA t: +44(0)1462 732 991 f: +44(0)1462 733 027 e:
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Apollo Interiors Announces New Website Apollo Interiors has had a complete overhaul and now welcomes its customers with a brand new website.