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BuyCostumes Receives Mention On SageforLearning Website


BuyCostumes Receives Mention On SageforLearning Website

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BuyCostumes has recently received a mention on a prominent education and parenting blog

BuyCostumes has recently received a mention on a prominent education and parenting blog This blog discusses such things as educational news, information about online learning, studying, including studying abroad and more. One of their main areas of focus, however, is parenting. In regular contributions, bloggers speak about issues that parents often deal with, such as whether or not to allow their children to have the next electronic gadget. In one of their postings, relating to how teachers can ensure children play and learn at the same time, BuyCostumes was mentioned as well.

The mention on the Sageforlearning website was very well received. It confirmed that people are starting to understand that the focus is not solely on parties and adults, but also on children. Not just that, it demonstrates that having fun is an important part of learning, something that educators across the globe should focus on very strongly wherever possible.

Learning through play is a very important tool for teachers and educators. It is also well-known that role play is something that teaches children valuable lessons about empathy and togetherness. Often, until children start to engage in role play, they continue to believe that the world revolves solely around them.

Dr. Stephenson, child psychologist, explains: "Young children have no concept of the fact that other people have feelings just like them. All other people, in a sense, are almost like toys. By allowing a child to play dress up and engage in role play, they learn that other people are actually people too, just like them."

BuyCostumes is happy to oblige and provides a range of costumes for kids, from infants to teens. These costumes can be seasonal, such as pilgrim costumes or Christmas costumes, but they can also be more generic. They offer uniform costumes, for instance, which can teach children about different types of jobs. Susan Barr added: "We like to think that the costumes we provide are created not just for kids to attend parties, but also for children to actually learn about the world." Although the company did not set up with the intention of becoming a player in the educational field, they too understand that this does play a part.

It is perhaps this attitude that has given BuyCostumes a mention on, which can be seen here. The article further highlights how important it is for educators to allow children to play and role play, and how much better role play actually works if costumes are provided as well. It allows them to teach children of all ages about various important historical events, different cultures and customs and more. Best of all, this is done in a fun and entertaining way.

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BuyCostumes Receives Mention On SageforLearning Website BuyCostumes has recently received a mention on a prominent education and parenting blog