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Broken Window - further explained

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More to say on broken window theory, or why a neighborhood goes bad.

I think a lot of this is caused by what's known as the Broken Window theory.

Short version: A window is broken in a neighborhood. People ignore it. After a while, another window is broken. People ignore that. Littering in the streets, grass left uncut. The people in the neighborhood see it as "a place to live" rather than "a community". It's the same type of attitude, "This is just a job" from secretaries who ignore calls coming in and instead talk to their friends on the phone rather than those who take their job seriously.

Graffiti start appearing on bridges. The drug dealing, which previously was done in secret, in boys' backyards, attics and basements, starts to get more open, more brazen. More open drugs, more guns (since they can afford the guns now, for even stolen guns are then sold to those who would/should never get a permit).

Suspicion and hatred become the norm.

Cliques are formed, even to the point of them becoming gangs.

Us vs them.

"We're african americans living in hell neighborhood. Eww. Haitians moved in. We don't like Haitians and make no bones about it." This is among the "regular people", mind you.

Hatred grows and grows, as a Haitian mother and son are simply trying to get by.

Fast forward. It's summertime. Bordom reigns among the kids in the neighborhood. Normal mischief ensues, everyday felony criminal activities like drug dealing, gun buying/selling, breaking windows and smashing mailboxes and spraying paint where you can. Secret boys' club gang meetings take place in basements, under bridges and on railroad tracks around town. They go to 7-11 and get a slurpee, dumping the slurpee and filling it with vodka or whatever's handy. After a while they stop buying a slurpee and just drink it straight, right in front of cops who gave up a long time ago on "smaller crimes'.

This is where it leads.

ken udut


Broken Window - further explained More to say on broken window theory, or why a neighborhood goes bad.