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Website Announces 100% Authentic and Diverse Soccer Jersey Selection


Website Announces 100% Authentic and Diverse Soccer Jersey Selection

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24th February 14, Pasadena, CA : Recognizing the issues with non-authentic jersey sales in the sports industry, Soccer Plus is proud to announce their available selection of 100% authentic soccer jerseys. Offering a wide selection of clubs, fans can purchase even “hard to find” items.

Soccer is a sport that has been growing rapidly in terms of popularity, and more and more people are interested in purchasing jerseys and other authentic gear. Recognizing that it’ssometimes difficult for consumers to find a truly authentic soccer jersey, Soccer Plus is re-introducing their inventory that includes a diverse selection of jerseys that cover clubs that are difficult to find elsewhere. For the soccer fan, they are truly a one-stop-shop.

When it comes to soccer fans, many followers of the sport actually collect jerseys, which make purchasing an authentic soccer jerseyeven more important. While other sports fans may buy the jersey of a favorite team to wear occasionally, many soccer fans make it their goal to build quite a collection out of these pieces of memorabilia. To them, the jersey is more than just another apparel item.

Soccer Plus was founded and is still run by true soccer fans who understand this appreciation of the sport. By taking the time to build an inventory that cannot be found anywhere else, Soccer Plus has become a destination for soccer fans who want only the best for their money. And because soccer is still a growing sport, it can sometimes be difficult to find jerseys for the smaller clubs. For consumers who are interested in those rare pieces, there’s no better option than Soccer Plus.

Guaranteeing authenticity is another major element in this game, and it’s something that most soccer fans are looking for. When purchasing non-authentic gear, customers are setting themselves up for potential trouble, meaning they could never receive their order or end up paying too much for something that is less than authentic. “Knock Off” apparel in the sports industry is common, and it’s a risk that not many fans are willing to take anymore. Soccer Plus has solved this problem by guaranteeing to consumers that they are receiving only the authentic products they desire.

About the Company:

Soccerplus first opened in 1994. They were one of the first soccer websites to hit the web, and have over 15 years experience serving our customers with authentic soccer jerseys from all over the world. Josef, the owner of Soccerplus, first had a vision of having a store to supply soccer fans with the largest variety of soccer jerseys in the world.

Contact Information:

Company Name: Soccerplus

Address: 1640 E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, Ca 91104 USA

Contact Number: 1-800-945-7291

E-mail: Website:
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Website Announces 100% Authentic and Diverse Soccer Jersey Selection