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Smile confidently at tooth loss


Smile confidently at tooth loss

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Smile is the natural ornament gifted to a human face. It is that emotion that sets all moods right.

Tooth loss no more a concern: Smile is the natural ornament gifted to a human face. It is that emotion that sets all moods right. A damaged dental set up can act as a barrier to your smile and also can damage your self confidence to a great extent. Dental damage can be of many types like decay of tooth, decolouring of tooth etc. However, one of the most often observed dental damage is tooth loss. Irrespective of age and gender this issue is quite seen among people. Gone are the days when dentures were considered to be the only solution for tooth loss. However, medical science has advanced so much that dentures are now replaced with Dental implants. These implants are nothing but artificial tooth that are mounted into the jaw set through a simple process and are fixed permanently. As these are made of titanium or biocompatible materials, they are extremely side effects free and completely safe. As they are permanent fixtures utmost care is taken in terms of the quality of the implant.

Benefits of dental implants: With implants proving to be more convenient and safe, many denture wearers are slowly moving towards replacing their dentures with implants. It is a proved that these implants are hassle free and help in the overall dental quality of the patient. Thus, here are some of the benefits, which make implants more popular:

1. Permanent and Stable: These implants are fixed into the jaw with the help of the support of the neighbouring teeth. Thus, a bride is formed that stands strong. Also, as titanium is the material used for the implants, it makes the implant strong and leaves no scope of it flipping off.

2. Improves the sense of taste and chew: As the implant is a firm bridge giving it strength, the patient after implant can eat hard food unlike denture wearers. It is common among denture wearers that they find inconvenience in chewing and therefore after the denture is set, have to compromise on chewing softer food. Also, as the dentures cover the taste palate, denture wearers’ sense of taste is also lost. However, with implants, this problem does not exist ensuring that the patient can relish the food in its true flavour

3. Improves speech: A wrongly fitted denture dampens the patient’s quality of speech and as the face and mouth muscles are constantly working in adjusting the denture. Though the effect is not that glaring but it definitely has a glaring impact on the confidence levels of the wearer. However, with stable implants, this problem is completely resolved.

4. Avoids adjustments: It is a known fact that dentures need constant adjustments as they are not permanent fixtures. The USP of implants is there permanency.

5. Increases Self confidence: Implants are the permanent solutions for tooth loss. Once the jaw is brought back in shape, the patient is free to smile his way, talk his way, eat his way thus leading to bringing back the lost confidence.

So, there is no more a reason to worry about tooth loss.

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      Smile confidently at tooth loss  Smile is the natural ornament gifted to a human face. It is that emotion that sets all moods right.