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Charms At 7 Announces New Line of Bamboo Earrings


Charms At 7 Announces New Line of Bamboo Earrings

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May 2, 2014, USA - Charms At 7, an online accessories boutique specialized in trendy jewelry, has recently rolled out a line of bamboo earrings. These high quality earrings will join the extensive line of cheap fashion jewelry that Charms At 7 has been made available to shoppers who are concerned with high quality and affordable prices. This new addition to their product line, says Charms At 7 management, are in keeping with the company’s commitment to continuing to grow their business and make the pieces available that meet the needs of their varied customer base.

“We are proud of the products we have brought to market,” says Charms At 7’s president. “Accessories should be just as varied in style as the women who buy them. We have taken many steps to make sure that our product line is extensive and unique. There’s always something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for upscale looking trendy jewelry for a spectacular outfit or you need a casual piece to finish a fun ensemble, you’ll find the best - and most affordable - fashion jewelry here at Charms At 7, including our new line of bamboo earrings.”

Charms At 7 has built a reputation for providing online shoppers with a full range of cheap fashion jewelry - from rings, necklaces, and bracelets to earrings, eyewear, and even head pieces. But the management team at Charms At 7 wants to remind their customers that “cheap” never refers to low quality - just price. Charms At 7 is able to provide a huge line of accessories at great prices, but while the prices are low, the quality is always high.

“There’s nothing better than being able to take a great outfit and make it something truly special,” says Charms At 7’s president. “We specialize in unique statement pieces that would be at home in any celebrity’s closet. We’ve made them accessible to everyone. Affordable prices have allowed people to get their hands on some amazing pieces and we’re proud to continue this work.”

About the Company: Charms At 7 is one of the internet’s most popular online boutiques where shoppers can find an extensive selection of accessories - from bracelets and necklaces to rings, bamboo earrings, eyewear, and more.

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Charm’s At 7
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Charms At 7 Announces New Line of Bamboo Earrings