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Yehuda Releases Post Purchase Maintenance Tips for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds


Yehuda Releases Post Purchase Maintenance Tips for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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United States 7th May 2014 - Yehuda Diamond Company, the leaders in selling clarity enhanced diamonds worldwide has recently released a collection of post purchase diamond care tips for more benefit of its customers. Bringing in an extraordinary collection of clarity enhanced loose diamonds including princess cut diamonds, round and square brilliant cut diamonds for sapphire cut diamonds in many different colors, shape and size, they can very well be the best loose diamond shopping website that you can find on the net.

Whenever you buy diamonds wholesale you need to treat it the same way as other gemstones like topaz, ruby or emerald crystals are treated. According to Yehuda experts you should only use jewelry cleaners that don’t contain ammonia or simple soap and water can also be used for keeping the stones sparkling and look like new. As per information available from Yehuda Diamond Company customers can also use various other treatments too like steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning for excellent results as clarity enhanced diamonds would retain their luster and sparkle after undergoing all the above mentioned treatments. But you must not expose a clarity enhanced diamond to ammonia based jewelry cleaners, direct heat from welding torch or strong acids.

By releasing the collection of post-purchase diamond cleaning and maintenance tips Yehuda has certainly made life a lot easier for their customers. Always ensuring that customers buy only best quality diamonds from their online diamond wholesale Yehuda Diamond Company also offer lifetime guarantee on all diamonds sold from their website. Consumers who buy diamonds wholesale can also ask Yehuda to re-enhance the diamonds after using them for few years. Post purchase maintenance of clarity enhanced diamonds has always been a concern for the customers and with these diamond maintenance tips they are required to worry no more about keeping the stones shining and sparkling for a long time.

As the inventor and leader of clarity enhanced diamonds – Yehuda has made it entire range of diamonds available at their website along with hundreds of retail stores all over USA and if you are planning to buy clarity enhanced diamond, is the place that can best serve your purpose.

About The Company

Yehuda Diamond Company is the inventor and leader of clarity enhanced diamonds. They serve hundreds of retailers across America with their mounted and loose diamonds as well as custom made diamond jewelry that is considered to be a class apart in the industry. With offices on three continents, the Yehuda Diamond Company controls 80% of its niche market and is growing at an incredible rate of 40 to 50% each year.

Contact Information

Yehuda Diamond Company

Address: 5th Avenue Between 47th & 48th Street NY USA.

Phone: 1800-934-8320

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Yehuda Releases Post Purchase Maintenance Tips for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds