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Sea Monkeys and Brine Shrimp by David Franklin released by Adhurst Publishing

Despite Sea Monkeys being hugely popular, kept by millions of people worldwide, many are sold without proper instructions and keepers have been left struggling to keep them alive. David Franklin, a writer and avid Sea Monkey owner, has written a guide to keeping Sea Monkeys, which are also called brine shrimp, that will help anyone young or old wishing to keep these creatures as pets.

Written in easy to understand language Mr Franklin gives answers to lots of the questions he’s been asked over the years including; what are sea monkeys? Where can you buy Sea Monkeys?, How much do Sea Monkeys cost to keep? What do Sea Monkeys eat? How long do Sea Monkeys live? What can I do if my Sea Monkeys get sick? How can I learn about Sea Monkeys reproduction? How do I grow Sea Monkeys? How often should I change their water? What are good Sea Monkey accessories to keep my pets entertained?, As well as many other questions about keeping them fit healthy and living as long as possible.

Author David Franklin says, “I’m a writer and I’ve kept Sea Monkeys with my family for many years. Lots of our friends have started keeping them and I found myself inundated with questions both from friends and in online forums. Sea Monkeys are often sold in kits and generally the instructions they contain are pretty awful and give no indication of how to properly care for these pets. Many families have ended up with disappointed children but with the right care they can live for as long as two years and provide heaps of entertainment in that time. It’s also possible to breed them at home so you can keep families of Sea Monkeys for years – it’s quite addictive!”

Managing Director of publisher Adhurst Publishing Julia Thistleton-Smith commented, “We’re really pleased to be publishing David Franklin’s book. Our vision is to provide solutions to issues faced by people today and it was clear to us that a lot of people are looking for more information on how to look after their brine shrimp, we are delighted to be able to bring a wealth of information on the subject to the Sea Monkey keeping public.”

Sea Monkeys and Brine Shrimp: Sea Monkeys & Brine Shrimp owners advice including eggs, hatching, breeding, feeding and how to help them live longer by David Franklin is available from bookshops worldwide and via Amazon.

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NEW BOOK ON SEA MONKEYS JUST RELEASED Sea Monkeys and Brine Shrimp by David Franklin released by Adhurst Publishing